You feed me to drink

Cass suddenly pushed the bowl at her, commanding that the tone was strong and coquetry. Who is this? Who is this weird and awkward? Should I take her as her again? Pie pie was creepy. She refused to say, you have long hands and feet. Why should I feed you and drink you?
You are my slave.
This sentence again.
She knew that he had no other reason than this. Don’t pity her for swallowing the crystal into her body. Otherwise, she would have to dissolve the slave contract. She had to unconsciously develop into such an irretrievable situation. Poor life!
You are really
Get off my back, bitch.
Korea crooked mouth holding a spoon scooped up a spoon and handed it to his mouth. So I looked at his mouth, eyebrows, smiles, spring waves turned childish and naive, and I couldn’t help but stop complaining about the melancholy coughing up blood. Compared with his cold and inhuman heart, he surprised her at this time, and he also made her hard to refuse.
This porridge tastes terrible.
Cass said over coffee
Cass, you won’t say a nice word, praise, thank you or apologize, and you have to force him to have a piece of wood. Han Yan handed the porridge to his lips and blew it slightly to cool it for him before feeding him in the kiln. Forget it. You asked a nonsense.
Dead girl
Korea curled her eyes and suddenly saw Cass’s slender and rough fingers slightly grasping her wrist, which made her feel inexplicable and gentle, so her four eyes couldn’t understand what it meant and felt that things were going to happen.
What do you do?
Cass was in a trance when he realized that he was out of order. He pulled his hand back and drank porridge bite by bite. He could not lift his head like a daughter hammer.
Damn it, what the hell is he doing? Do you want to grab her by the wrist and hug her? Do you want her to talk nonsense? Shake your head hard and suppress the abnormal mood just now. He secretly wakes up in his heart. He loves a stupid woman, loves her, and will not be confused by other women. Even if she looks like a slave again, a slave is still gentle and considerate.
Suddenly, a charm came from outside the kitchen door, calling with the door creaking and being pushed all over with enchanting purples. He caressed his full lip and waited for Korea to fulfill her bet that he had finished cooking porridge. Mo Xie asked patiently
Well, um, okay
It’s time to fulfill our bet. Mo Xie is still waiting patiently at the door, as if the attractive leopard who just woke up from a deep sleep was dangerous but tender, and her curls were pulled to her shoulders to form an elegant picture scroll.
You and me one day.
Mo Xie deliberately said in front of Cass that they bet on a long arm to pull Korea out of the door and spare the charm to provoke Cass that your slave must lend me.
Dead girl
I, he lost the bet with Korea, and he didn’t drag his feet in a bun, so Mo Xie held hands and walked upstairs. Occasionally, looking back, he saw that Cass’s horrible eyes trembled suddenly.
You are my slave.
Behind his back, he growled with discontent.
Korea curled her ear and mumbled a little that the slave was also kind to her. Mo Xie walked downstairs hand in hand in a friendly way. Cass suddenly flew with anger and haze. A brewing storm formed a bloody barrier on the stairs. Cass’s angry breathing vaguely spread all over the cloister door. Korea curled her head and sneezed slightly. Mo Xie held her hand.

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