Walk on land

She came.
Walk off and on
Clean footprints
Covered with cool dew
She’s a little blue
Looking at mud and grass to build houses
Look at father
She has black hair in her hands.
A wild peach blossom slanted with silent words.
Who is the other one given to?
And no one ever asked.
Spring is the wind.
Autumn is the moon.
When I feel it,
She has gone to another place.
The fence there is like a blue after the rain.
distant place
In addition to the distant one.
Distant highland barley land
Except highland barley.
Farther away, more lonely.
Far away, except far away.
Then the stone
Fly to me
Stone grows blood.
Shitouchang Seven Sisters
In a barren grass
I was far away then.
I was poor at that time.
These can’t touch sisters
These can’t touch blood.
These can’t touch happiness in the distance.
How much pain is happiness in the distance
1988819 Sakya Night 1 Lhasa
Black wings
It rained lightly at midnight in Shigatse tonight.

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