武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 桑拿KB会所 This is really forgivable. I didn’t forget that she really has no ability to think and act!

This is really forgivable. I didn’t forget that she really has no ability to think and act!

Men are well aware of this, but they must never wake up for their crimes.
Kissing a man on a woman’s forehead in a good mood comforted her. "Since I’m on vacation, of course I have to relax all my nerves. How can I set an alarm clock when I’m on vacation?"
"You are stupid!" My fingertips gasped at the man’s forehead. "I just got up at this time. My parents have already cooked dinner and boasted that it is too unreliable to let them exercise!"
After saying that, Miao climbed out of bed. "Okay, hurry up. We can’t let our parents wait for us to eat!"
Lu Fengxing rarely sees a little woman so eager. It seems that there is an appreciation attitude. Looking at the little woman in my heart is also a gentle and funny. I followed the little woman into the health holiday life and washed it synchronously from early.
"It seems!" I smelled porridge before I entered the restaurant.
"The cat’s nose is so sensitive!" Wuhe raised his hand and the newspaper got up. "When everything is ready, I will wait for your meal!"
"Dad, I forgot to set the alarm clock yesterday. I will make breakfast tomorrow!" As a face of shame.
"What kind of alarm clock does the silly child assume when he comes out!" Yuan Qing took the words in the past. "Your father and I haven’t slept late at this age. It’s a blessing for you to let me lie in bed for a while."
"Mom!" It’s sweet happiness to feel like a child leaning on his mother’s shoulder like Yuan Qing’s arm.
"Come on, let’s eat!" Yuan Qing is also fully happy in his heart.
"Mom and Dad, I’ve arranged a hotel tour guide for you. Today, I’ll take you to Nanshan, where Haiguanyin is a famous scenic spot. I’ll arrange a scenic spot in one day so that you can enjoy yourself and relax!" Lu Fengxing sat down at the dinner table and explained his own arrangement.
"What do you mean?" I looked at the man in confusion. "Didn’t you arrange me to come with you?"
"You will learn to swim with me from today!" Lu Fengxing’s steady sitting posture and manner are like a commanding officer.
"This is good!" Wu voted in favor of his son-in-law. "If you can learn to swim, there is almost nothing that can threaten your safety!"
"Yes!" Yuan Qing also voted for encouragement. "I was really scared when I heard that you were pushed into the swimming pool. You should study hard in such a good environment this time!"
Lu Fengxing is really full of smiles. This half of her salary is significantly higher than that of her daughter. "Three to one, you have the conditions to implement it!"
"I said I would learn to swim, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t go to see the scenic spots?" I am very angry. "I’ll learn from you when I’m finished!" "
"You are still very strong when you come back from climbing Nanshan!" The martial arts stopped her daughter and argued, "Do you young people have more opportunities to play after they get better?"
Lu is popular with his laughing nerves, admiring the anger and refuting the embarrassment. His face has already flown out of the show off in an ostentatious manner, and his eyes continue to exude a provocative look.
The hotel is very accurate. Just after breakfast, the hotel guide has reported to the villa.
I probably asked an old man about his physical condition and medicine, and then I smiled a little. I probably explained that the young man was so warm and thoughtful that he got along well with his parents in minutes. I was relieved that the man was really at ease.
"Dad, you and Mom should take more photos and show them to me!" Miao took Wu Bo and sprinkled jiao.
"Don’t worry, you must leave all the places you should take photos!" Wu looked excited.
"You are also eager to learn, and you will be able to float in the water when we come back!" Yuan Qing is still encouraging her daughter.
"I know!" Miao waved to his parents. "Goodbye!"
Looking back, I still want to laugh at men. My facial nerves are grinding my little teeth. "Are you looking for a bite again?"
"It’s best not to offend the coach or it will be very sad!" Lu popular two hands back with measured steps came to the pool.
She spoke to a man in a sullen tone, but she dared not hear him in the water. She really depended on him, so she couldn’t offend him!
"What to do?" Miao is preparing to go back and change his bathing suit, and there is a man’s cold hard voice behind him.
"Of course, learning to swim requires a bathing suit first. Otherwise?" Gave a blind eye to an unreasonable man.
"Do you still have the courage to learn this kind of water?" Lu Fengxing took the woman’s hand and walked to the bedroom.
"Lu Fengxing, don’t engage in those yy things in broad daylight!" I hate to dump a man’s hand.
"Your brain is too impure!" The man is bad and close to the woman. "Or are you already homesick?"
"You are crazy!" The small powder fist roared and rained down on the man’s body. After beating it without strength, it seemed to tickle, but it was just a couple’s delight.
"Well, come with me!" Lu Fengxing easily caught the woman’s little hand and kissed it gently on her lips, which also softened. "We can finish it from holding our breath in the basin first, which can also reduce your tension."
As the man said, he pulled Miao into the toilet, blocked the basin of water and filled it with a basin of water.
"Take a deep breath and bury your face in the water for as long as possible." Lu Fengxing looked at his wrist watch. "I will help you time!"
Miao pulled up her hair high. "It’s that simple?"
"This is the first step and the most basic. Water is the same. It is easy for you to overcome it without fear!" Lu Fengxing took a glance at the water. "Come on!"
Miao didn’t take a deep breath in words and did it according to the man’s instructions. There was really no fear. I found a relaxed feeling as soon as I was in my heart. Miao came from martial arts and lung capacity. Naturally, there was no problem. Just a few minutes passed easily, which surprised Lu Fengxing.
"You are amazing!" When the little woman raised her head from the washbasin with a splash on her face, she heard a heartfelt compliment from the man.
"Swimming is not that simple!" He wiped his face and expressed doubts about the way men said it.
"When you lift your head out of the water, you should have a good attitude. Think of it as a breath-holding exercise and then look for breathing opportunities yourself!" Lu Fengxing towel woman gently wiped her face with water.
"Once a ferry sank because it was in the middle of the water. Many of the boats were students." Lu Fengxing told a true story.
"One of the boys couldn’t swim at all, but he was calm and didn’t panic. When he called to touch the bottom of the water, he tried to bounce as hard as he could. When his head was sent out of the water by this force, he calmly searched for the direction of the shore and repeated this movement. He finally returned to the shore because of his calm and good attitude!"
"So powerful!" I drew a big exclamation mark in my heart.
"What’s even worse is that he climbed the shore only to find that he was wrapped in a classmate and dragged that classmate to the shore by him!" Lu Fengxing dotes on a little woman’s small nose.
I despise my fear of water. How can such an adult be worse than a child? That’s ridiculous!
"If you can overcome your fears, you will be the best!"
"Then can we officially water?" Miao showed enthusiasm.
"Change your bathing suit!"
Lu Fengxing has a coach who feels serious, which is worthy of affirmation. For a second, when a cute bikini is in front of him, his hot eyes will no longer be serious.
"Woman, this is not the morale of cholera!" Lu Fengxing beat a rake.
"Huh?" Look at your normal equipment. There are some ways to understand, "Why do you call me a cholera soldier when you wear a little?"
"So you mean that I also gave you cholera?" A man’s lip angle evokes evil spirits and gets close to a woman.
"Stop!" Miao immediately realized the danger. If it is so lingering, it is estimated that she has no water in Sun Mountain!
"I’ll change into my bathing suit and you wait for me by the pool!"
See if the little woman shows such great enthusiasm. Lu Fengxing is very cooperative. When a woman is pushed by others, he wants to teach her to swim. There has never been a suitable opportunity. This time, she is willing to take the initiative to learn from him. Naturally, she must grasp it and be determined not to be seduced!
It’s sunny. In the afternoon, a group of strange people greeted lucky chance Pavilion. They said what it was. It seems that termites were found next door. We should make a careful insistence on the surrounding families.
A few people checked all the rooms and stayed for more than half an hour before leaving Liuma’s heart. I always felt insecure and asked around a few houses as if I had never heard of such a thing.
This LiuMa panicked and hastily called Lu Fengxing.
When I walked to the swimming pool, I saw a man frowning, but I didn’t hear a man talking, but my face was getting darker and darker.
"I know, I will deal with it!" A few simple words are popular in Lu, and there is no temperature to hang up.
"What’s the matter?" I know something must have happened.
"It’s still unclear!" Lu Fengxing said that he dialed Gao Qing’s words.
"The boss is still thinking about me on vacation!" There’s a high-pitched teasing voice over there
"Take your advanced instruments to lucky chance Pavilion. Every room will help me check carefully to see if there are any monitoring instruments!" Lu Fengxing ignored Gao Qing’s teasing and directly explained the matter.

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