I have feelings of reluctance in my heart.

Finally, a girl couldn’t help but say, "Instructor, what are your words?"
"Why should I introduce you to me? It’s a pity that the instructor has high qualifications." Li Haonan smiled.
"Instructor is so narcissistic", "Exactly" and "Instructor, don’t change the subject and tell me how much you are talking" shouted a boy.
"Well, I’m really sorry that all of us in the editorial staff can’t give our numbers out. Otherwise, I’ll see you if you leave you." Li Haonan said gently that everyone is leaving, and Li Haonan’s attitude is much more moderate
Because everyone knows that there is a confidentiality agreement in the army and everyone can understand it, they all write their own words to Li Haonan, asking Li Haonan to take good care of it and go out and find them.
Then everyone said goodbye to the instructor, and most of the boys talked, and most of the girls had tears in their eyes.
Don’t look at Li Haonan’s unkind talk to Xiong Dailin and Song Muyang, but at the moment, the most disappointing thing in my heart is that the two of them can’t help crying.
Li Haonan is also very gentle today, and his heart is also sad. Anyway, he brought out a group of soldiers. Although they are no longer soldiers today, he will have feelings after getting along for so long. At the moment, he is not only gentle but also patient. He is hard-hearted and has no other performance.
Of all the students, Shang Tang Lian is the most calm. She should eat and drink. When everyone told the instructor that she was in full swing, she also ate sparsely and had a good appetite.
Let out of the corner of his eye have been aiming at Shang Tang Lian Li Haonan, and I will know that this is a heartless hum.
Shang Tang Lian really didn’t feel that there was nothing to be sad about. When it comes to anything, you can leave. It’s not that you will be so reluctant to meet again.
Shang Tang Lian finished her breakfast quickly and elegantly, and then she whistled that it was time for everyone to start and went outside with everyone.
Li Haonan’s face came out of the dining room from Shang Tang Lotus as if he really had nothing to say to him. He has been pulling his heart and thinking that he really is a baiwenhang. Even if there is a conflict, he can somehow get along with it for so long, and he still eats and hums, so people can give it back to her. It’s a beautiful generation. There may be a chance to hum.
Shang Tang Lotus doesn’t care what Li Haonan thinks. When he got to the front of the car, he saw his class guide coming and took everyone’s mobile phone with him. Then he got back his mobile phone first, and then the other students got out of the car first, while the soldiers shouted in front that they had to get off the bus. When the car slowed down, all the students finally got red-eyed and left the whole car.
Li Haonan is also very angry. This Shang Tang Lotus is so heartless that he really doesn’t expect her. Fortunately, this is not a soldier, otherwise he will be very angry and will be cold.
Shang Tang Lian finally shouted at Li Haonan with a smile when the car started. "Instructor, we will wait for you at school in a year." She still doesn’t believe that there are so many students who have the nerve to refuse the students’ demands, and once he appears, her contract plan will be realized soon.
Li Haonan suddenly found that actually Shang Tang Lian still didn’t talk, and it would be no good to listen to her. She finally forgot what happened last night, so she had to wake up.
And that’s not the point. The point is that it’s outrageous for those lovely and simple students to force themselves into submission.
Sure enough, after listening to Shang Tang Lotus’s words, the students in Class One of Economy are looking for Li Haona to make sure that their eyes are bright and they don’t care:
Chapter 453 Instructor, come and see us!
Being awakened by Shang Tang Lian, they finally remembered that although some management in the army is very strict, in fact, they will still have holidays, and other times they can’t. You can always come to see them during the holidays.
Everyone said to me, "Remember to come and see us when the instructor has a holiday."
"Remember to come to us at this time of the instructor’s year, and then we will be a sophomore."
"Yes, remember, instructor. We are sophomores in Class One of Economics. You should say so then."
"Instructor, you will come. You promised, right?" As the car starts, the people are getting farther away, so they have to shout.
Li Haonan, a bear child, knew it would be like this.
Li Haonan couldn’t say a word "no" when he was angry with so many expectant eyes. He nodded and smiled and said, "I will go to see you when I have a holiday." I thought to myself, I will promise, but I will go when I take time off. Don’t be so stupid.
The children’s shoes are satisfied with the answer, and Li Haonan’s heart is warm. Unfortunately, some people continue to spoil this harmonious scene.
"Be sure to come when you retire," Shang Tang Lian added, and all the students added requirements one after another
Li Haonan, I want to strangle her. No one should stop me. Whose bear child is this? Why don’t you take it away?
So Li Haonan was forced to eat in Shang Tang Lotus, and his heart was not hard enough. Facing the many eager eyes, he could smile and promise to actually grind his teeth secretly. He really wanted to kill someone and said that if he could kill him too much.
Heart bitter haha dark sigh a really treacherous.
Simple children’s shoes don’t know that they have been benefited by someone, and their sincere heart is almost invisible to Li Haonan at the moment.
The middle school students in the carriage sang their new song in the army, the green flower in the army. "The cold wind flutters and leaves fall. The army is a green flower. Dear comrades-in-arms, don’t be homesick. Don’t miss my mother deeply. How many words do I call day and night? Don’t cry when I leave. The military camp is our warm home. Don’t worry about my child. I have grown up and been on duty to defend the country. I am not afraid of wind and rain. I sincerely wish my mother a healthy and long life. I will go home and visit my good mother when I celebrate Seeing her men in the army are also affectionate, and I would like to accompany you to travel around the world because of the heavy responsibilities. I love the green flowers in the army and give them to her deeply. How many words do I call for day and night? Don’t leave, two tears will be spent in the military camp. Don’t leave, two tears will be spent in the military camp. The military camp is our warm home. "
With the team’s long journey, the instructors’ eyes are red. Although comrades leave every year, they are still not used to this kind of departure. They watched the students go away with sorrow, and the instructors sang the green flowers in the army and waved them.
Li Haona has lost this sad mood at all. The idea of leaving Shang Tang Lotus as expected is still a bear child paper, which is particularly cruel. Let him have this kind of bear child paper. It is better to leave quickly and save it to continue to harm him.
What is the parting mood? Waiting for Li Haonan to brew enough is like a small flame in the cold wind going out completely.
Shang Tang Lotus is in a good mood, looking at the sad and tender faces, singing the song of military green flowers with joy in her mouth, and thinking with satisfaction that, well, they are all helping the children. Looking back, it seems that it is necessary to rely on them to pull Li Haona over.
Bian Yanxian heard something was wrong and swollen. Why did the Shang Tang Lotus children’s shoes song catch up? Why did you look up and look good? I really didn’t read it. I couldn’t help but stop asking Shang Tang Lotus, "Shang Tang Lotus, what are you laughing at?"
"No, I’m not in a good mood. Although I’m leaving the instructor now, I’m in a good mood at the thought of seeing the instructor again one year later," Shang Tanglian said with a smile.
Yan Xian seems to be, too. When I think about it, her mood is really much better, but she is still a little sad. She said to Shang Tanglian, "But I’m still in a bad mood. I didn’t expect that I haven’t left yet, so I just didn’t expect to think about how many conflicts we had with the instructor at the beginning. But when I left, I realized that I had such deep feelings for the instructor. Won’t you? I really can’t do it. You can still laugh like this."
Shang Tanglian was not angry at all and nodded, "No, I think life is full of parting. Parting at this time is the joy of reunion, and it seems not good to be red-eyed when I go to school soon."
It makes sense for everyone to stop singing, so they don’t immerse themselves in sad feelings anymore. They are also worried that they will be seen crying at such a big age when they go back to school for a while. Anyway, Shang Tanglian is right and will meet again in a year.
In the base, Li Haonan watched the students leave, and they also boarded the car one after another, listening to someone in the carriage feeling, "Alas, every time I face such a departure, my heart is very uncomfortable."
"Yes, these students are just how delicate we are. Who knows that all of them are still very hard-working. Unfortunately, they have broken their eyes with such thick lenses because of their study. God, it’s terrible to think about it."
"In fact, these students are still very cute and simple. It is much better for a group of children to meet people in society than for us. I can always feel that youthful vitality in them."
"It’s estimated that all the students will cry for a day when they go back. Their hearts are so fragile. You see, our hearts are not feeling well, but at best, those students and girls are crying."
"Crying makes me feel worse."
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"I feel that seeing them like this, I feel that this month has not been wasted":
Chapter 454 Go home
"That’s right"

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