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The woman left and the man left. Looking at the table base, the waiter came to a conclusion that these two people are definitely not lovers!

Reporters from all sides in the conference room of Kangda Building have already sat on the podium when they are full. On both sides of the water haze are pear Qing and Zhuo Muran, both of whom are figures in this incident.
"Thank you for your comments on the plagiarism incident." Shui Lan’s speech is very particular about the ups and downs of Yin and Yang. "The company adopted the principle of voluntary participation in this competition. The company only helped to sort out, summarize and hand it in, in order to make it more convenient for everyone. The negligence of workers in this competition is also something we have not considered."
I have to say that Shui Lan’s speech is very organized, which not only admits the company’s due responsibility, but also exaggerates the company’s responsibility, but the reporter doesn’t seem to buy it very much. Everyone has his own problems and opinions
"Lan always means to recognize Wenya’s plagiarism in this matter?" A reporter is very sharp and has a crucial problem.
"We have no profit to answer this matter. I believe that the organizing committee of the competition will give a fair judgment. If it is really elegant who stole the design, the company will definitely give severe punishment and will never tolerate the rape." Shuilan has long been a master in dealing with it.
"But we heard that the company didn’t seem to be very enthusiastic when it reflected this matter to the company, and it was recognized that elegance could explain everything!"
"Let me explain this matter!" Zhuo Muran took the initiative to take over the topic "Miao was calling me at that time. I asked her to come up with strong evidence. After all, I couldn’t listen to her!"
"Manager Li heard that elegance is your niece. Is that right?" A male reporter turned the topic to Li Qing.
"It’s Wenya, it’s my niece. I’m sorry she’s caught up in such a thing, but I still believe she’s of good quality!" Li Qing posed for peace and elegance.
"Is it possible for the parties to the incident to meet with everyone?" The reporters seem to be very responsive to this discussion.
"Sorry, Wenya has been on vacation for the past two days, and we can’t inform her!" Shuilan, I’m sorry to explain to you, but it seems that God doesn’t agree with her idea. As soon as her voice falls at the door, there comes a gentle voice.
"What’s wrong with me?" Elegant and beautiful makeup came to a close-up entrance, and Cao Aihua around him had already disappeared in the reporter team
Looking at the eyes, the elegant water haze heart almost didn’t collapse, and the slender fingertips were deeply trapped in their palms. Li Qing was still looking forward to a counterattack, and the horse was about to start.
"What did you say when I sent you the design drawings? You shouldn’t forget it. How did you become a connivance now?" Wenya has the most elegant posture standing in front of the reporter’s camera and looking at Shuilan with pertinence.
As soon as the meeting room became lively, all kinds of discussions and speculations revolved around elegance and water haze. In the corner, Cao Aihua quietly left the meeting room to be elegant and confronted with water haze in public, so what she said was that she was not interested in the farce, and it was the most important thing to get the headline.
One room is noisy and elegant, and Shuilan doesn’t know how he got away from knowing that he lost the game badly.
"Drink some water!" Zhuomuran helped Shuilan back to the office, feeling cherished and angry.
Shuilan took the mineral water from Zhuo Muran’s hand and squinted. The man with a tight face asked coldly, "Do you want to teach me a lesson?"
Zhuo Muran sighed and finally didn’t say anything. He was too clear about what Lu Fengxing meant to Shuilan. No matter how much he said, she didn’t rely on herself to understand it. I hope she can have such an opportunity.
"Muran, help me prepare for independence!" Shuilan drank a few mouthfuls of water, and her thinking gradually recovered.
"Independent?" Zhuomuran some surprise.
"This matter will definitely make headlines, and Kangda’s share price may also be implicated. If you want to be responsible for this matter, let Mei Shi and Kangda draw a clear line between the board of directors and make such a request or get ready early!"
"Ink will not agree with you!" Zhuomuran felt that things would not be so serious.
"His current situation is already self-sufficient. If there is no support from Shen Liding, the board of directors will give him a discount or have no illusions!" Shuilan knew that ink painting would not help her this time. How could he not respond to all the things she did to ink painting?
Zhuo Muran is still simple in this respect. After all, he is a professional route in design and is not very concerned about many things.
"Now it seems that it is somewhat passive to separate from Kangda. Many merchants’ motives are not very strong and it is estimated that they will fall into crisis!" Zhuomuran directly expressed his concern.
"All right, I’ll think about it. I’ll just prepare as I say." Shuilan waved at Zhuo Muran. "Go to work!"
"good!" He has a hand in women’s decisions.
"Don’t let manager Li intervene in the preparations for the meeting. He won’t be our camp!"
Zhuo Muran sighed lightly. "I know that you still have to learn to relax yourself!"
"All right, I know!" Shuilan leaned against the sofa lazily, closed her eyes and didn’t want to talk any more.
Dyed with the red sunset, I realized that it was getting late by then. It was a good plan to leave Kangda. She didn’t believe that my cousin couldn’t see anything. How long would it take her to be beautiful and let Mei Shi survive the crisis? It’s not impossible to have a wonderful comeback.
Since you are my nemesis, I will look for opportunities from your nemesis!
Back to thinking, Shui Lan’s lip angle hangs Leng Yan radian, and she won’t give up what she wants easily.
Slowly pacing to the desk, Shuilan gave himself a layer of sadness and picked up the desk phone after debugging.
"Hey, Aunt Xiaolan, I haven’t heard your voice for a long time!" There comes Yuan Jiu’s elegant sound.
"Aunt, I was badly hurt by that embarrassment!" As soon as Shuilan’s nose sobbed, it was pathetic and floated into the words.
☆, Chapter 135
Shuilan definitely mastered Yuan Jiu’s various temper and personality. It can be seen that he wants to be a daughter-in-law’s heart. This pitiful little appearance is hurt by Yuan Jiu’s abhorrence, which immediately makes Yuan Jiu feel indignant and draw out a sword to help him.
"Xiao Lan, don’t worry that the goblin can turn the fashion around. Aunt is not confused. If your company is in trouble, I will help solve it. I will be interested to see how far the fashion can go!"
"Thank you, aunt, for cherishing Xiaolan. With your support, Xiaolan will be practical!"
"What are you thanking for? You are still helping your aunt!" Yuan Jiu couldn’t help sighing. "It’s really fascinating to be popular. It’s really chilling that I bought that kind of stuff to deal with my own people!"
"Auntie, you’re not too sad. The obsession will never last for a long time. We have confidence that it will definitely wake up the fashion!" Shuilan didn’t forget to instill a common position in Yuan Jiu.
"If you have confidence in your aunt, you will be relieved!" Yuan Jiu is also very good at finding allies for himself.
"I won’t give up!" Water haze has always been so firm in my heart.
"That’s good!" Yuan Jiu’s heart is steadfast.
The president’s office of the b&l Group has just finished a video conference, gently rubbing his eyebrows and leaning back against the chair.
The wide desk phone suddenly lit up and looked at the display screen. The lip angle of Lu Fengxing evoked a meaning of not radian.
"Cousin, this move of yours is so beautiful, I thank you!" There comes the melodious sound of ink and wash.
"Very well-informed! It seems that Li Qing is still loyal to you, so don’t worry and be bold! " Lu Fengxing was not surprised.
"I know about Shuilan. She won’t forget her sister and expect you to move!"
"Mo, do you want to see your aunt and I have a vendetta?" Lu popular coldly asked 1.
"Don’t want to! I want to see you listen to your aunt and give up! " Ink and wash words seem to be provocative, but all the surging and resentment in his heart are suppressed by him.
"Dream!" Lu Fengxing’s voice has become a lot colder. "You can call her a wife later!"

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