Yi "Good!"

Never expected to hear a positive reply Osamu Dazai one leng.
He is actually conscious. After all, he is used to verbal flirting with Yi these days, but he never thought that Yi would agree this time.
"You agreed?"
It’s a relationship. It’s much easier than a knife and a sea of fire.
Xiaoyi nodded seriously, and later thought it might not be enough to express her sincerity. She reached out and held Osamu Dazai’s hand with reference to the TV play before.
"Don’t worry, I swear here that although I have no money, no house and no car, I don’t have a heart. After you follow me, I will be good to you!"
Osamu Dazai looked down at the two men folded their hands and looked at it for a long time. After that, he lifted his eyes and said
"Then I can take it seriously."
Chapter 53 Chapter 53
It’s getting late. Osamu Dazai has been planning for two days. Today, things can be regarded as a lot of energy. At the moment, I can’t help but make a fuss.
Yi told him to go back and have a good rest, but Osamu Dazai was not in a hurry to rest. He leaned over the table and his eyes swept his pale pink lips.
"But before I go to bed, I want a good night kiss."
"Good night … good night kiss?"
Small yi leng a feel face Osamu Dazai breath, and Osamu Dazai line of sight, she couldn’t help but shrink back.
Osamu Dazai chuckled.
"Yes, Xiao Yi just promised to kiss my girlfriend good night. It’s normal. Doesn’t Xiao Yi know?"
Xiao Yi’s face was slightly stiff. She just didn’t remember that this stubble was finished because of the three residual pages, and her brain was hot for a while …
What should I do? Now … If I have a little regret, can I take back my oath?
Just then there was a loud bang outside, and the night outside the glass window lit up for a moment, and then it darkened again. In a short time, the pouring rain came from scratch.
Another thunder came.
Hearing the thunder and shivering, Yi didn’t say that if she broke her oath, she would thunder five times a day, but … it doesn’t have to be so effective.
Osamu Dazai looked at the kite-colored eyes with a bad face but made a sad look
"Small yi don’t want to? Or do you just agree and want to go back on your word? It turns out that Xiaoyi is so trustworthy? "
"Of course not!"
Small yi a listen to the words behind, consciousness openings denied but soon she hesitated vague way
"I … just … don’t have much experience in this field. Why don’t you forget it for a while? Wait for me to … study?"
It’s moving too fast. Why don’t you give her some time to prepare herself?
After she finished, she carefully watched Osamu Dazai’s reaction. Who knows that he didn’t speak, but got up and walked slowly towards her.
Yi was sitting on pins and needles in her chair, and her ass moved sadly trying to stay away from Osamu Dazai. At this moment, Osamu Dazai has come to her side and smiled and bent over to provoke Yi Ba.
"So that’s it? Yi doesn’t understand. There’s nothing I can teach you. "
Pakistan is subject to people. Xiaoyi is forced to look up at Osamu Dazai’s eyes and nose, and he can easily smell the faint smell of Osamu Dazai’s body.
Before, she had to stare at Osamu Dazai almost every day. At this time, she somehow felt uncomfortable, and her eyes rolled around trying to say something to ease the atmosphere.
"I …"
As soon as she opened her mouth, she was blocked back. She felt that her lips had a touch of warmth and softness, which belonged to the breath of the living. Her faint smell of coffee and red wine may have been contaminated with a faint smell of medicine when pretending to be a waiter there. It also concealed a trace of blood smell, which was the scar on Osamu Dazai’s face.
When she arrived at the dormitory, she found a medicine box to help Osamu Dazai treat a face injury. Because the wound was shallow, she treated it in less than a minute. She also deliberately put a stupid pink pig band-aid on Osamu Dazai’s face.
At that time, she saw Osamu Dazai’s lips when she was close, but … Was it so soft?
That instant little Yi sat there with all kinds of thoughts in her head, stiff as a stone carving. She felt that she had thought a lot and thought nothing.
However, just when she was in the Ministry, her eyes suddenly widened.
There’s … Something pried open her mouth and stuck it in!
A moment later
Yi: … She’s wrong. She’s really wrong. Falling in love seems more difficult than daoshanhuohai.
Dim light A tall man slowly looked up, his thumb slightly brushed his reddish thin lips and smiled happily.
"This is kissing. Did Yi learn it?"
The dark-haired girl sat on the stool as if her soul had been eaten by a man. The whole person was stupid. wait for a while was still a little dull after hearing this, and her eyes were foggy, making people wonder if she really heard what the man said.
Osamu Dazai raises eyebrows.
"So Tianyi will be willing to go on a date with me?"
Yi is still a little dull.
Osamu Dazai’s eyes became more and more cheerful and bowed their heads and pecked at her lips
"I did receive a good night kiss today, so I’ll go first. Good night, El."
He went out and gave the door to the corridor intimately. It was thunder and lightning and pouring rain, but it didn’t seem to affect his good mood. He reached out and touched his lips, which were slightly upturned.
It tastes unexpectedly good.
Then he walked briskly back to the next room.
As the door rang, Xiao Yi suddenly woke up like a ghost. She exhaled and breathed. She didn’t need to breathe, but she could barely calm down when the cold air entered her body.
Osamu Dazai … That guy, he actually … actually …
She has never been so close to anyone before, and she is still in a trance.
Knock, knock, knock. Something is jumping wildly.
Yi hesitated to reach out and touch her chest for a moment. She panicked and let go.
Her heart is beating? !
How is that possible? !
Where did Xiao Yi get scared? She just took care of things and quickly reached out her hand again. After this time, she was relieved.
It was a mistake, so she said, how could a dead person have a heartbeat? It’s not a fairy tale. True love can cure everything. It must be that she was scared by Osamu Dazai just now that she had hallucinations.
Early the next morning, Xiao Yi looked at the door with a serious face, as if it were not a door but a deep hole in front of him.
She hesitated for a long time and finally reached out and opened the door.
Then came a familiar sound.
"Good morning, El."
Xiao Yi turned to look at one side and saw that Osamu Dazai was leaning against the corridor railing and smiling at her.
Yi is a little ashamed and embarrassed to speak.

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