武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 品茶夜网 Eyes a coagulation love slightly difficult to destroy flowers also paused, then casually threw his words to the ground, clapped his hands and turned around and saw not far away looking at his blue-haired seafood.

Eyes a coagulation love slightly difficult to destroy flowers also paused, then casually threw his words to the ground, clapped his hands and turned around and saw not far away looking at his blue-haired seafood.

"Why didn’t Uncle Seafood go back?"
Poseidon didn’t answer the question of Love Micro. It was because he saw that more than half of the flowers were bald behind Love Micro, and there were still damaged flowers. Even some lucky flowers were not in full bloom, but looked a little gray.
"This is Zeus’ favorite flower!" Or Zeus likes to cheat women most. These flowers are not too big except for their looks, which are loved by the goddesses. They are precious because they are difficult to live. If Zeus knows about them here, he will probably feel distressed. At the very least, he is missing another trick to cheat the goddesses.
"Ah, is that right? I don’t know! " Love her, blinking her eyes and saying that she is pure than her eyes, but she thinks that if Zeus doesn’t like flowers the most carefully, she won’t bother to destroy them!
Poseidon has never been entangled in this issue. Whether Love Micro is intentional or not, he is not interested in blinking. Poseidon has just recovered his cynical smile. "Don’t Love Micro feel that he should apologize to me?"
"Uncle Seafood came here specially today. Do you want me to apologize?" Love smiles at Poseidon. She doesn’t think seafood is so accommodating.
Poseidon covered up the complicated sea blue eyes in his eyes, and his banter was very "don’t you love me?" He will stay here, which he has never liked, and will come here unconsciously after seeing this girl. He will put him right, so he will let this embarrassing girl go, and he won’t want to think about the rest.
Love micro is not that she can’t see the fleeting complexity, but she hasn’t pursued her thoughts yet. After all, she doesn’t live by the sea like a sea king, so the pipe is not too wide. Since Poseidon said so, she will listen like this!
Slightly bent down and owed a love face full of sincere apologies. "Then I said I was sorry for my rudeness. I hope Uncle Seafood doesn’t mind!" Then I paused slightly and looked the same. "But Uncle Seafood, I have a question."
"What?" Poseidon’s smiling eyes don’t know how sincere this smile is.
I have heard the name of Uncle Seafood for a long time, but Uncle Seafood can’t stop a mere human being from accidentally attacking me. The implication is that you just get a hollow reputation!
Poseidon smiled stiffly, staring at himself with a confused face and a cute face. Poseidon, a girl with a cute expression, really wanted to severely pinch herself. What made her look uncomfortable once or twice? It’s not to mention that he had to run on himself and take a deep breath several times. Poseidon told himself not to be angry with a human being. Besides, this human being or Hades cares about people, and he still acted.
It’s a pity that Poseidon wanted to see her in this way, but it seems that he didn’t want to see her like this. He looked surprised and suddenly realized, "Maybe uncle seafood is too old to have the strength?" !” After that, it seems that I feel more and more that my words are true. I nodded and muttered, "Ah, that makes sense. After all, Uncle Seafood’s age unit has been fossilized for thousands of years according to the age of human beings. However, it seems impolite for me to say this, but even my grandfather is not enough. So what should I call it?"
Poseidon once again has a red cross on his forehead, and he will be angry when he touches this woman! !
"Love micro call me Poseidon!" Poseidon gritted his teeth and said slowly, although he does not deny that his age is really an astronomical figure compared with love, he definitely does not admit that he is old! !
Lian Wei glanced at Poseidon with a hard face and said, "This is not good. My family told me to respect the elderly!" In fact, such things as "respecting the elderly" will only happen when people are run on, right? If her family members would talk to her like this, the lovers around her would be elders except trace and patience now!
Then I looked at his face getting darker and darker, and Poseidon was even more courageous. He stood on tiptoe and patted Poseidon on the shoulder while complaining about his height. I understood the expression and said, "I know that I don’t usually admit that I am old, but uncle God wants to be old!"
After saying this, Love receded at the speed of light and pushed it away for tens of meters, and her original place had long been a mess. Those so-called Zeus’ favorite flowers have changed from a few fortunes to flowers that are now wiped out by the army and crying in the underworld. Is it always me who gets hurt? I’m the worst!
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ~ ~" Love slightly cocked her head and muttered at the place that instantly turned into ruins. "Does this mean that she became angry from embarrassment?"
"Love-micro-you give me to shut up! !” Poseidon’s reason has finally been provoked by love. It seems that the age of God is always a secret, especially for Poseidon who pays great attention to his appearance and is narcissistic. "Old" is a taboo word.
Love slightly swayed and once again avoided Poseidon’s attack and continued to provoke leisurely. "Oh, my, uncle seafood is really old and not guilty." You must know that it is wrong to cover your ears. No matter how you don’t admit it, you can’t hide the fact that you are old. Uncle Seafood has to face the facts! "
Seafood heard that he was angry and happy, and his mouth hung with a sneer, which is also commonly known as "skin laughs and meat doesn’t smile." In this case, I must also thank Lian Wei! "
"Good talk!" Love micro is smiling without a trace of concealment. It’s very charming.
"Then I’ll thank you very much!" With that, Poseidon swung the trident directly to Love Micro. At this time, Poseidon’s mind was completely out of scruples caused by Hades. He knew that he had to teach this hateful girl a lesson or he would be unwilling!
Love Wei is not dissatisfied with Poseidon’s attack. You know, she has always been looking forward to this battle. She came because she was curious about the strength of this world god. Later, after failing in Hades, she added another reason to fight Poseidon. That is to try to see if her strength is in these gods or the strength of Hades.
It was in Hades’ temple yesterday that he showed his self-defense, which made these gods worry about themselves one by one. Poseidon also stopped looking for revenge for this reason. Today, she will spare no effort to motivate Poseidon so that he can do it for himself. Now she is very satisfied that if she loses to Poseidon, she will get hurt. This kind of thinking is how to fight without injury, so what’s the point of fighting without injury?
Then the two figures flickered in the divine world, and it was hard to see whether the red and white balls appeared occasionally along the way so that God could capture one or two.
This battle is faster than a battle, and it is not because it is tragic. After all, neither of them has suffered any serious damage, nor is it spectacular in scale. After all, it is also a battle between one man and one god. At best, the number is not spectacular. It is only because of love and Poseidon’s battle route that it can spread all over the world so quickly.
So what route is not very special, especially just a circle around the gods, which has caused a wide range of building damage and traffic accidents. It is said that many goddess cars overturned that day, but God is not dead and beautiful. divines ate a mouthful of mud and ran to Zeus one by one, crying about micro-crimes. You know, Zeus’ lover network is very broad, and many of these goddesses have done their entrance. If they are still beautifully dressed, they will be called a pear flower, which will make God pity, but in front of one by one, crying is like a ghost crying and crying.
Even Zeus can’t say anything harsh. After all, these goddesses are his development targets, but what measures can he take to love micro? One is because Hades is there to support her, and the other is to love micro-combat targets. Although Poseidon doesn’t go his own way like Hades, he is the first one to respect himself. He is the first one who doesn’t believe in a god whose strength and strength are not in himself. He can’t do anything about it now. It took Zeus several efforts to appease those sad goddesses. It’s not a good thing for Zeus to discover that there are too many lovers for the first time!
I finally sent away those goddesses, Zeus, and wondered if it was too reckless for me to keep that girl on the first day, so wait until I feel out what will become of this divine world? However, Zeus’s eyes flashed thick darkness, and he was able to fight Poseidon’s strength without any harm. This forced him to be high again. The increasing evaluation of this human being is a slight defense and murder, so that if people can’t speak for themselves, they can’t leave it, at least not to Hades!
Although Hades has been staying in the underworld since he was drawn to the underworld, he can’t see his covetousness for the underworld, but this can’t make him feel at ease. For so long, he has never given up his vigilance against his brother. He has never been able to find out his emotions, eyes and strength, which makes him feel uneasy, and he has been trying to find out his weaknesses and hold on to them so that he can feel at ease.
It’s that thing that can make Hades show his concern for thousands of years have never appeared, even things that interest him. Hades has always been so cold and indifferent, and those green eyes that make him hate can’t print the world of mortals. Prosperity has always been so cold and indifferent.
Until this time Athena brought a message that Hades had a very special attitude towards a human girl, but she didn’t care too much about a human at that time? Zeus still doesn’t think that a human being can influence Hades, which is probably just a rare and novel toy. Although he wants to find Hades’ weakness early, he won’t do some work in vain.
Then Zeus overthrew the former theory as seen in the temple. Indeed, as Athena said, Hades was very special to the human girl, not a toy, but really cared about and valued the emotion that had remained motionless for ten thousand years, but he jumped because of the girl and easily compromised on the girl without caring about the outside world.
At that time, I was in a happy mood, and finally Hades’ weakness appeared and I was still a weak human being! I’ve been waiting for the opportunity for thousands of years. It’s so easy to come at last! At that time, I wanted to hold this human in my hand to contain Hades, but then the extraordinary strength of that human made his idea waver. Until today, this idea has been completely overthrown, so that people can’t stay and must get rid of future troubles!
If Hades gets this strength, she will be one more person to guard against, and Hades’ strength will be even more unshakable, so that she can’t stay. After all, if she dies, accidents will always occur, and she will not only be removed, but also be cleaned up, so that Hades can’t have a chance to revive her!
In the flashy temple, Zeus has always had a deep evil spirit in his eyes, but sen leng’s murder and murder mei temple brought a layer of yin "140" to kidnap for the second time.
On who’s happy day always passes quickly. Love Micro has stayed in the divine world for half a month. Hades certainly stayed in the divine world with Love Micro. Although he was often questioned by Love Micro for neglecting his duty, Poseidon didn’t know that he went to the divine world every day, but his face was dark, but he would appear in front of Love Micro again the next day. The most surprising thing is that Zeus didn’t go out to "hunt" for half a month, but stayed in the temple. In this way, the happiest doubt of the whole divine world was that Hera was born to Love Micro.
Hades, a temple in the divine world, set his cold eyes on reporting to Poseidon on time again. "Poseidon, what are you doing in the maritime world?" Poseidon cares too much about love micro, and it’s so abnormal that he comes to the gods every day to find love micro. If he still can’t see the words, it’s a waste of God, and even the gods are talking about it.
Poseidon is completely unaffected by Hades’ cold air. If the blue light flows, the sea color is gorgeous and the projection is gorgeous and profound. "Hades’ underworld is not idle, too?" Hades can be lazy, can’t they?
"I am managed by someone in the underworld," said Hades, who seemed to be lazy but had a bitter meaning.
"I am not worried about the sea!" Compared with Hades’ indifference, Poseidon is much gentler, but the provocation and chill are not as good as Hades’.
Cold, beautiful and green, staring at Poseidon, but it was like a mist. Finally Hades said faintly, "Really?"
"Of course!" The radian of Poseidon’s mouth is even colder than the bottom temperature in the sea blue.
Representing vitality, green, but representing comparable death, the color is wide and the color is sea blue. At this moment, there is also a tsunami raging, and two different lights are equally beautiful and equally cold. They want to seize the only battle field that meets in the middle.
When I walked out of the temple, I saw this scene. Hades and Poseidon looked at the flint. At first glance, I knew that they were sharp. If others had seen this scene, they would have been far away. After all, one of them was Pluto and the other was Seafood. One of them was not something they could provoke, let alone two. Even Zeus had to weigh it and then decisively turned away from the storm. One brother and one younger brother were not to be taunted and could hide.
However, it is obvious that Lian Wei does not belong to the ranks of "others". She turned a blind eye to the thunder and lightning in front of her eyes, opened her eyes, covered her mouth with white and slender hands, and seemed afraid that she would reveal any big secret. Then she looked left and right at Hades, and finally Poseidon’s face showed "I know" relief.
Seeing the changing process of Lian Wei’s face expression, Poseidon has been poisoned by Lian Wei’s language recently. He has a cold shudder and a very bad feeling. He thinks that what he should do now is to stop Lian Wei from doing something, otherwise he will regret it!
But Poseidon’s action is not fast enough to love micro-action. When Poseidon was in love with micro-action, she was shallow and comfortable, but she was clear and loud. She was surprised and said, "Uncle Hades, you are a couple!"
"…" Poseidon has been stunned by the whispers of love, but he can’t say anything with his mouth open, only to find that his throat is dry and abnormal. In fact, you can’t see me better after you finish, can you?
"…" Hades also turned his eyes because of love whispers. His lifeless eyes looked at love whispers for the first time, but when did he start to love whispers and actually evolved to the point where he didn’t know it?
Being in love with two great gods who are so powerful and focused on their eyes is like not feeling that these two eyes are still smiling, as if the hot words just came from her mouth.
Although there is no such trendy idea as obsessing about beauty at this time, it’s the tenacity of nerves that can suppress the love of Hades and being suppressed by love for half a month, and Poseidon has recovered after only a moment of sluggishness and drift, but the two gods have chosen to ignore the love of whispers. After all, it’s always their heart that reacts to the gods when they grab this topic again. Do they have to care about those gods’ thoughts?
I have to say that although Hades and Poseidon don’t like each other, some ideas are surprisingly consistent, such as the problem of love, arrogance in bones and contempt for the gods
Poseidon abandoned the idea of continuing confrontation with Hades, and smiled brightly at Lian Wei, like a enchanting tidal flower, with a hint of crystal temptation. "It’s been half a month. Doesn’t Lian Wei feel tired of seeing the scenery of the gods?"
"Oh?" Love seems to have aroused some interest in Poseidon’s words. A pair of black eyes looked at Poseidon’s handsome face at this time. "So, does Uncle Seafood have any good suggestions?"
It seems a little hopeful that Poseidon will not care if it gets colder and colder next to him. Hades opens his mouth to invite "Lian Wei to come home with me to see the scenery in the sea, and it won’t disappoint Lian Wei!" Although it is not difficult to meet now, it is the policy to turn love to the sea!
Hades looked at Lian Wei’s expression and looked slightly moved, but before he spoke, Lian Wei had refused. "No, Uncle Seafood, I am very interested in the divine world. I must have fun!"
Yes, she has long been tired of seeing the scenery in the divine world. After all, the scenery is still dead, no matter how beautiful it is. It’s not worth lingering to appreciate the price once in the eyes of love. But she didn’t just stay in the divine world to see the scenery. It was a small passing goal, and more than half of it was still intact. She must smash Zeus’ house to the Ministry!
The word "play" is especially touching and gentle, but Hades and Poseidon can’t recognize love micro. Playing this sentence is really fun. Love micro is very unhappy with Zeus. Although I haven’t thought about picking on Zeus, you should sacrifice it to make love micro play with Zeus in that obsidian bright eyes!
After the love, Wei performed a good job, and Poseidon started their daily battle. She really likes the demolition team now. It’s such a sense of accomplishment to look at the ruins, Zeus. Your gods should be renovated!

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