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It’s strange to say that Yuan Ye still doesn’t believe in evil to spread the N power of Ji Ling, but just after touching the silvery white S ring, it is a force of resistance that scatters Yuan Yeling’s N power.

No, I killed everyone. How can this ring resist? Yuan Yemei’s head wrinkles are even more cruel when it is resisted by the ring. The owners of these rings are almost all his own hands. Yuan Ye killed a powerful number of people. He never missed the key points such as stabbing someone’s heart or abdomen. He may attack his roots. It is impossible or his roots are not like chasing people who have not been killed. Chapter 1219
He blames Yuan Ye, a soul mutant, for being depressed and scolding a master refiner. Yuan Ye is very clear about treasures. It is absolutely not that after death, people’s blood drops can become masters immediately. After death, their treasures will not remain masters for a while, and the soul mutant also has a very rebellious ability, that is, people can completely control some people by signing soul contracts similar to treasures. This ability is that Yuan Ye is also rare. To a lesser extent, Yuan Ye thought of this possibility at this time. This possibility is that although the soul force is there, it is not very strong, and it is enough to force one’s soul to replace the residual soul.
Reading this, Yuan Ye took a deep breath, and the soul force manipulated the silvery white ring to float slowly in front of him. Yuan Ye’s eyes opened fiercely, and the soul force was still like the tide, and the eyebrows surged, and immediately taxiing pointed cone severely hit the ring arsenic.
Om collision, sudden surge in the ring, and finally slamming into the mountain wall, suddenly the cave trembled and cracked a fist-sized crack.
Yuan Ye didn’t change the cave, staring at the trembling ring, and the soul force kept pouring in. Finally, one wave after another hit the ring, but Yuan Ye actually tried to erase the soul mark anyway.
No, how can the soul be so strong after death? Even I haven’t broken Yuan Ye’s temper once, so I’ll try again.
But not far from Yuan Ye, nine masters of the Tujia family led by Tu Yun kept moving forward.
Suddenly TuYun forward footsteps stopped.
What’s wrong with Jin Geng’s cloud? Tu Long looked at his eyebrows and sank a way
Uncle, that bastard is destroying the soul mark of my ring. I’m afraid he will show me that I’m not dead. Tu Yun gnashed her teeth
Smell speech slew a dragon is zheng soon face some changes, how far is he from here?
It’s about twenty miles away, and there are mountains in front. I’m afraid I can’t ride a horse, and Tu Yun doesn’t know what to do. I can look at my uncle.
Slaughter Dragon’s face is gloomy and he hesitates for a while, but once he walks, he must fight to the limit, and try his best to chase after him. Unfortunately, your strength is too weak to reach the honor list, and even more serious injuries will drag us down first. Fortunately, this mountain forest is an ordinary mountain forest, and it’s not too big. You show me his approximate location, and I will take this man after him, so we must find him before he throws away the ring, and all our efforts will be wasted. But Yuner, you must try your best to get there, go faster and faster, and this time I must kill him
It’s Tu Yun who dare not hesitate to point to the north slightly west. Uncle, what about you? Just walk 21 miles in this direction and you’ll get to his position.
All right, you come with me, cross the mountains and rush straight over to kill the dragon. When it roars, there is a touch of red light, and it is only when fighting that the ghosting degree kills it.
Tu Longbai, at such a long distance, wants him to be a little short of the direction of Tu Yun’s finger, so there will be a big difference in more than 20 miles. At this time, turning when you see a mountain will make a bigger error, and I’m afraid it will be difficult to find the murderer. It may take twice as long to go directly over the mountains and take any road, but it is more accurate.
Xiao Jin cave Yuan Ye finally can’t help but temporarily let go of that difficult ring and beat the remaining ring department.
Nineteen watery and eleven fiery spirits have a lot of huge wealth, and other treasures are more than Yuan Ye’s. He didn’t find a statue of soul energy in the tiger killing ring, but he found a purple statue of soul energy in another ring, and the amount of other wealth in that ring is far more than that in the previous tiger killing, which made Yuan Ye feel a little shocked. He never thought that the status of the butcher would be higher than that of the tiger killing except for a few who were not dead.
Get the statue of soul energy Yuan Ye will directly integrate the statue of soul energy into the body and let it enter the water spirit force to hold the statue of soul energy. Only then can he really integrate the three unique skills to produce the power of conan the destroyer. Yuan Ye absolutely believes that one master of the imperial level can be obliterated, but the only drawback is that it is difficult to get a statue of soul energy in one actual combat because of his great strength. That is to say, Yuan Ye can now practice one real three souls in one in the fusion method. Yuan Ye has already studied this time, but he is familiar with it and does not study it as hard as the first time.
At this time, nine figures outside the cave were scattered around for a mile or so. Their stars were scattered and their eyes were cautious in the mountains. Unfortunately, the cave entrance was blocked by Yuan Ye, but Yuan Ye did not fluctuate in energy, that is, they could not find Yuan Ye from Yuan Ye’s head in the area unless they carefully observed it.
We’ve come all the way here and we can’t even take a detour. It should be right around here, but people have searched for a long time. A red-robed and yellow-faced old man suddenly couldn’t help it. He turned his head to the gray old man beside him and growled
Not far away, Tu Long’s face is a little gloomy at the moment, and the nine of them have come all the way, but their strength has consumed a lot, and their fighting capacity will probably drop by several tens of percent. However, paying such a big price is finally the fastest way to get here, so that the murderer has escaped from Tu Long’s positive method and accepted this fact.
There are two possibilities. One is that the bastard escaped before the ring problem, so we have no chance. The other is that he hid it too tightly and we didn’t find it. Anyway, in the second case, it is still possible to find him carefully. He is not only full of my butcher’s blood, but also took so many rings, especially my son’s dream-killing ring. How can he easily put his Chapter 1, 2 and 2 into one?
Tu Long’s face is gloomy, wood is glorious, and Xi Mo, you go to the top two hills nearby to make sure that he can see if he wants to sneak away from the place. If he is still around here, I want him to have a hard time flying. I’ll see if Tu Yun can hide it again when he comes.
In the cave, Yuan Ye sucked the soul and then looked back at the ring. Before it was gone, it was not hard to fight the facts. Finally, the problem appeared, but it seemed a little late, because Yuan Ye vaguely saw several figures through the crack in the cave stone. At first glance, Yuan Ye knew that none of them were easy to provoke.
Mother came to a grass that didn’t kill me. When I saw this scene, Yuan Ye couldn’t help cursing and felt anxious at the same time. Now he is stuck outside the cave. Several hills around here are looking for himself. From that gap, Yuan Ye saw five people, and every strength fluctuation of these five people is not weaker than himself. That is to say, each of them has to be over 70 in the honour list. What is this concept and I haven’t seen it yet? Although it seems that these people are tired, it is far from Yuan Ye’s ability to deal with it.
Although Yuan Ye doesn’t know what these people haven’t found their specific location directly, he knows that it will be a matter of time before he finds himself, and now he can’t go unless he lives long first.
What should I do? Let Yuan Yeqing jump to him and let him suck himself up in the 19 watery departments here. Maybe he can break through to the five-turn realm, and then face so many strong people and return to a fighting force, but now he still can’t do it at seventy levels.
Suddenly Yuan Ye looked at the ring in his hand and couldn’t help showing crazy color. Since I can’t escape, I’ll see if you die or I die.
Jin Geng’s mind flashed the idea, but Yuan Ye’s mind strengthened.
On the other side, the nine people who slew the dragon searched for a long time but couldn’t find anything. The dragon slayer and others all wondered if they had found the wrong place, and the cloud slaying finally arrived late.
Is the cloud here to see Tu Yun coming to the Dragon Slayer and immediately came over with red eyes?
Uncle is the hand of Tuyun on the mountainside. Suddenly, several powerful departments around him looked at the mountainside, which was ordinary and strange, and there was no cave to hide at a glance, so they could see through it more than before. Have they all been to the root?
Don’t stone sealed the mouth of the cave and slew a dragon suddenly thought of this, but they went over with this idea.
Tu Yun, who is beside the Dragon Slayer, is also a master of six rank-and-file butchers, all of whom closely follow the example. The two highest mountain ranks are strong in wood honor and Xi Mo, who also came from the top of the mountain.
Uncle, my ring is right here. Tu Yun pointed to the cave entrance, which is a hesitation because Yuan Ye has branded a terrible shadow in his heart.
What are you afraid of? Slaughter the dragon in anger and directly bomb the rock. Suddenly, the cave inside is displayed in front of people, but there is no one in the cave with a ring in the center. It is very quiet.
Where’s mom? The dragon slayer has been drinking angrily and has been taken in. At the same time, several other people have followed the past, especially Tu Yun, but they are relieved.
Slaughter the dragon and grab the ring in your hand. Grasping it directly is like the veins stood out, as if to crush the ring.

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