武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 品茶论坛 It is the first time for the first infantry regiment to get this unanimous support rate at once, but it is not easy for Qin to bring a good team.

It is the first time for the first infantry regiment to get this unanimous support rate at once, but it is not easy for Qin to bring a good team.

After several infantry sergeants led Qin to destroy three people, they came to the officer’s tent to lead the way. The soldiers felt very alert at the door and went to the tent to leave three people.
Jasper immediately asked Qin boss, is that commander-in-chief your old acquaintance? What will help you so obviously? I have been thinking about it for a long time and I can’t figure out that you really have nothing to benefit from.
Muyang smiled, too. He got up and said, You can discuss it slowly inside. I can’t help you. I’ll go around Muyang. It’s always easier to leave my brains to Jasmine to keep watch.
I don’t know him, but I don’t think he’s trying. These are all his soldiers, and there is no shortage of experts in the Coalition. I don’t feel that I have anything to be oppressed by the local demon army. Let’s discuss how to take care of these soldiers. What do you think? Qin destroyed a pair of well-thought-out ways
Jasper nodded and said that there were only three things to lead troops. The first was materials and equipment. The second was Qiang Bing’s morale. The third was the strategy and art of war. The first infantry regiment should ensure that the basic materials and equipment should be no problem among the human Coalition forces. The key is that the morale is too weak. Soldiers can’t fight and dare not fight in the strategy and art of war. It depends on the generals’ minds and soldiers’ execution of orders
Qin Xiao stretched himself and said, You are half right. Only when the information is known can you win every battle. Moreover, the structure of the arms of the first infantry regiment is too simple, so it is no wonder that the infantry regiment is called the cannon fodder regiment. Whether it is a magician’s large-scale killing or a cavalry’s back-and-forth assault, how many times is enough?
It’s really difficult that this unit is too single. Jasper sighed slightly.
But I have a way to make the infantry shine. Qin Yan seems to say casually and gently
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three Master Colonel
A team outside Gonglunstburg is composed of demon masters and orcs. They are repentant and close to the human defense line. The number of these troops is less than 100, but they are the elite of the elite. They sneaked in because it is very simple. A tooth for an eye.
In this half a month, human masters sneaked into the demon army’s defense line several times, vandalized and annihilated several sharp units of the demon army, which made its military morale shake and panic.
At first, the demon commander didn’t understand the significance of the human master’s doing this, and it didn’t kill the top of the demon race or cause any impact. The chaos was to constantly clean up the scout troops in the periphery and risk being encircled by the army.
However, after several unsuccessful ambushes, the demon commander-in-chief finally decided to send a master group to find the field and boost morale through the record.
In fact, the commander-in-chief of the demon race was puzzled because it was very simple that the attack on the root was not a plan of the human Coalition forces, but that Qin Chu led the first infantry regiment to train. Because Qin Chu, a perverted mage, had been able to skillfully insert a small number of movements in eagle eye surgery.
The tactics adopted by this demon master group are also high-moving. In the past two days, a large number of human scouts outside Xiulunstburg have been swept away.
The fact that the high command of the human coalition forces reported to this front line was a signal of a large-scale attack before the demon race, so they stood ready to put more scouts in reverse to detect the enemy’s situation. Before a big war, several small-scale battles were led, and the blood of scouts from both sides soaked every inch of the border.
The Qin dynasty destroyed the morale of the first infantry group through this period of training. When the human Coalition forces were still shrinking in the castle to guess the demon race’s combat power, the first infantry group had fought fiercely in batches and won absolute victory.
The city blacksmith’s shop also received a special request from the military camp. In the first infantry regiment, soldiers helped them build all kinds of strange weapons day and night. The materials were allied by human beings and the blacksmiths also took a symbolic point. Who called this a racial war? Weapons that were effective for war were allowed to be built.
There were also some voices against the First Infantry Regiment in the human coalition, but they were stopped by Pa Xiao Long.
The human resources and manpower in the world have continuously assured the forefront of the war that the soldiers’ materials are not light, and the Vatican has also sent a large number of knights templar, and Pastor Guang also arrived in Schulenburg three days ago.
Palon knew what the first infantry regiment had done, and he personally went to the blacksmith’s camp to see Qin destroy some guarding city equipment. The idea was simply full of praise, but he also bluntly told Qin to destroy the first infantry regiment. Just three days ago, the Holy Knights of the Church of Light had been merged into the human Coalition forces, but the attitude of the Holy See to heresy was still very obvious.
That is to say, PaXiao Long doesn’t want to affect the unity of the human Coalition forces, and it is best not to enter the sight of the church. Both sides have turned a blind eye, which is the lowest bottom line.
Qin destroyed agreed to PaXiao Long’s request to play with the light and the church not to get into trouble. For the time being, he has no idea about them.
In fact, in the same situation, the army was not his family, the Asian-Vietnamese public team, the Gettysburg Highland Alliance Corps, because they did not believe in the God of Light and could not be in the sight of the Holy See.
On the one hand, it is because the light church is too powerful, and on the other hand, it is because these magic sticks are too overbearing and have no sand in their eyes
The High Command of the Human Allied Forces has got the latest information. A hunter group composed of orcs and powerful demon masters is now the ordinary scout squadron outside Xiulunstburg. Faced with this extremely provocative situation, the High Command of the Allied Forces is worried that this is a demon trap, but on the other hand, it can’t accept them to continue. Otherwise, they will kill all the human scouts, which means that they are blind and can hold on to the castle. This is not a wonderful thing.
Finally, Palon Xiao Yi also sent a team of elite experts to slay the other team outside the city, so as to stop the other party’s actions, and the second is not afraid of the army coming.
This proposal has been approved by most generals, but it is not easy to fight what kind of master to send to the other side, who is also a master of rank and number.
But soon, the Holy Knights, who had just joined the human coalition, took the lead. They sent 70 knights templar, six knights templar, six priests of light, and six knights templar to fight with overwhelming strength.
This strength is enough to deal with 1,000 cavalry. Even if Pa Xiao Long doesn’t have the help of the dragon, it will take some effort to cooperate with so many high-ranking knights.
From the war to the end of this high-level war of human demon race can be described as quiet.
In the evening, the commandos of the Holy Knights returned to Schulenburg, leaving one senior light deceiver, two holy knights templar and thirteen templar knights.
The demon race’s strength is strong, which shocked the human beings. The allied generals should know that God’s ten are all order fights, but they have imposed on Lemio Meng’s true fighting power, and the Templars are all fighting for nine levels, and the same number of demon races will be lost to this extent, which shows that the demon race and orcs are fierce and double.
Human confidence has suffered a heavy blow. According to the demon clan, this master group is definitely not the top fighting force in the clan. The strength of the light temple master is actually not resistant, so can it be broken in the battlefield?
However, it is not a good idea to annihilate this superior group, or the human Coalition forces will be blocked at home and their morale will plummet.
Qin extermination never imagined that the training method he wanted would be directly copied by the demon family, and it also made people fall into an embarrassing situation.
Palong Xiao, a group of senior generals of the high command of the human coalition forces, talked with two holy knights who came back alive in the Vatican.
Is the strength of the two demon teams strong in the holy order? Is it that the emperor is strong? One of the impatient generals asked sink a way.
The two holy knights looked at each other, and one of them was wounded in the arm. The holy knight said with a face of shame that their tactics were very strange. We didn’t check for a while, but we suffered a big loss. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get back to the holy order, which is not clear.
What they are good at is converging attack. The strength of a single person may not be strong, but it is difficult to stand up when they are stacked together.
Another generation of sacred knights said that as soon as we met the demon warrior group, they immediately added a kind of blood-eating and violent magic to the orcs around us. After the madness, the orcs were extremely fierce and directly dispersed our queue. When we cut down these orc mages, half of them were dead. At this time, their group attack magic was ready. It was a curse spell jointly cast by several demon mages. After some of these spells, our state was greatly reduced, and their melee masters continued to rush. I have never heard of this strange magic of the demon clan, and they jointly cast it so quickly that it was impossible to prevent it.
The holy knight talked about the war situation at that time like a pathetic kannika nimtragol. It seems that he has been killed by the demon race.
Sirs generals can’t help thinking that the demon race really has mastered the magic of joining forces and knows how to cooperate strategically, which is really very difficult to deal with.

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