武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 品茶夜网 At this time, Cang Lan has dragged the Hanshan Night Bell to the front of the concave hole, that is, the close-up view is still covered by a large area of sand, and the Hanshan Night Bell is dragged by the evil boy in his hand, gasping and narrowing his eyes, trying to see the cold snow flying through the smoke.

At this time, Cang Lan has dragged the Hanshan Night Bell to the front of the concave hole, that is, the close-up view is still covered by a large area of sand, and the Hanshan Night Bell is dragged by the evil boy in his hand, gasping and narrowing his eyes, trying to see the cold snow flying through the smoke.

Hum out Cang Lan without looking at Hanshan Night Clock, knowing his eye shape, he gently opened his eyes and stirred up a lotus flower without moving his fingers, which then prompted a cold hot air to rush to the palm of his hand, and magic eye slammed a blood fog from his palm and swept through the layers of smoke.
Smoke and dust cleared away, and a small piece of sand and stone kept beating against the faces of Canglan and destroying Canglan. With their faces scratched, they stood proudly, and suddenly let go and threw the Hanshan Night Bell on the ground, lifting their fingers and saying, "Look at it."
The cold mountain night bell, like a quadruped, propped itself up frantically and eagerly, climbed forward one step, bumped into a dent in the ground and fell heavily.
In front of his frantic search, there was still a piece of broken rock, and the broken smoke was filled with rotten blood. He struggled to pick up every pile of broken soil, and his palm broke instantly, but he still couldn’t find any trace of cold snow flying.
Destroy the surging billow is the hole in the heart just collided with the gas strength. This Dalian, he launched the Violet Sect’s secret treasure, and his body almost smashed on the ground, not to mention the perfect broken cold snow flying.
It’s the corpse that has crashed into fine powder. It can’t die like this. When Cang Lan looks up slightly, it looks like a bath breeze. It squints its eyes and sucks its nose. The sour blood gas keeps teasing his skin like a bug.
Ah, ah, cold mountain night bell knelt on the ground and looked at a pair of fingers with broken hands and grabbed my head. I Cher, I Cher.
Destroying Cang Lan stands behind the cold mountain night bell, and the black robe with blood lines appears like an illusion, and the expression is the same as that of the frozen sea. It is a method to measure the undercurrent
Can’t find it? Destroy Cang Lan’s silence for a long time, but his mouth is a sharp knife. The words suddenly stung the back of the Hanshan Night Bell, which seems to be smashed, so it is not a strong body.
Destroy Cang Lan Hanshan Night Bell slowly turned his head and was covered by the shadow. Half of it was torn, and the face was like a ghost with burning hatred. Keep your eyes fixed on Destroy Cang Lan, you bastard
Destroy Cang Lan immediately bent over and hid from Hanshan Night Clock, suddenly turned around and rushed to hand and paw, and a ghostly wind whizzed against his face, and he saw the boy’s blood pupil flash and swept his figure in a half arc to Hanshan Night Clock and grabbed his neck from behind.
It’s the blue-black strange animal claws with two pointed nails that can be controlled by a pinch. This crazy man is in extreme confusion at the moment and has neglected his specialty puppet art, but he has sent his weakness to the hands of Cang Lan without reservation.
The night bell in Hanshan Mountain quivered with two broken shoulders, solidified slightly, and the black and purple blood clots slowly slipped from it. Don’t you have parents? You can just hope that a father will die.
I didn’t bite these two pieces of meat on your shoulder and put them on the ear side of Hanshan Night Bell. I smiled and whispered softly to death. I gently turned my head to the pale side face and said, I may be jumping between the stones.
Cold mountain night bell can’t answer any more words. It seems that a pair of eyes will explode at any time.
A mysterious atmosphere has formed in the cave, and the surging billows and fierce green sun are far away from each other, and the leader of Hanshan League is the first protector, while the middle one is closing her eyes and breathing. In this murderous atmosphere, Qingluo is suffocating and quiet, but it has become an aid for the little girl to recover her strength.
At Qingluo, Cang Lan was slightly relieved and turned to fierce Qingyang for a slight lift. Ba Lie Qingyang made a knowing turn, and thousands of miles of frost in his hand provoked the lone traveler to push him forward and walk to Cang Lan without stopping.
And there, the three eyes of Shuangfeiying looked at this scene, but it was destroyed. Cang Lan’s cold eyes stared back and pursed her lips and looked at each other.
Hanshan League is shabby, but so many people are still eating a lot of rice, and the evil spirits of Canglan are enough to deter those people, but they still can’t help but pick the knife-shaped eyebrows contemptuously and turn the lone ranger to face the destruction of Canglan Road. What do you want to ask him?
Ask some questions that this guy can’t answer. Destroy Cang Lan and gently pat Hanshan Night Bell on the shoulder. Seeing that the male eyes have been distracted, I can’t find a condensed pupil.
The leader’s lone traveler leaned forward in horror and called out the Cang Lan as soon as the Hanshan night bell went out. He immediately turned slightly sideways and had a fox-like charm and cold light in his eyes.
Don’t move. Keep your eyes on the lone ranger coldly. While clenching your hands and claws slightly, a part of the blood fog drifts away. These blood fogs are connected with each other, which can make a little wave into his platform. He wants to sense the broken but hide in the dark. Cold snow flies.
What do you want to ask? The lone ranger paused, sighed, raised his hand and threw the hook in his arms to the ground.
A clang hit the dark golden hook and turned it over for a week. Then it died and lay down. There was a surprise in the eyes of the fierce green sun. Looking up, it would destroy Cang Lan and ask for a step.
Destroying Cang Lan is also faint. Looking up from the hook on the ground with a slight smile, it’s an open-minded act to be good at one’s own appearance. The blood fog seems to be floating outward and seems to be entangled with others. In this blood fog, destroying Cang Lan’s skirt gently flies up and the blood coffin tells me.
Blood Coffin Blood Coffin Corpse Feeding Solo glanced at Gu with a narrow eye, and even his eyes were distracted. The cold mountain night bell sank and muttered, which is the secret technique of breaking the boundary between Yin and Yang and thus transforming life and death. You should know how to reverse the yin and yang technique, and this blood coffin corpse feeding technique is taboo.
The loner seems to have endured something, wrinkled his brow, and then continued, but the good jasper will be made into a coffin, and the blood of the dead baby will be poured into it, and then the occult technique will be used to promote it. This technique can ensure that the body will not rot and be filled with the resentment of the dead baby, thus condensing into a powerful force. It will be able to bring the dead back to life after another forbidden operation, which is higher than the puppet technique, but
But if you want to die slightly, not only can you not be resurrected, but you will end up with a ghost who can’t even make a scene, turn into a corpse and destroy it. Cang Lan suddenly interrupted and smiled and said, it seems that your leader’s abacus is wrong. So many dead babies’ blood is accumulated into blood. lang can’t be digested by everyone.
Canglan, can you really speak so easily? The fierce green sun is slightly pale. You don’t know how to stare at him like Canglan. Didn’t you hear what he just said? Dead babies are dead babies’ blood. Where did so many dead babies come from? Didn’t you?
War destroys the world, and most of them are loners who sneer at it, regardless of the frost of thousands of miles. Hua Jianfeng will also turn his head and stare at the fierce green sun and clear eyes. You are still a Jianghu person. You still think that the world in front of you is peaceful, and the underworld is moving too much to count. It’s just that China Alliance can’t take care of it. Have you ever seen a dead baby piled up in a hill? Have I ever seen it?
The lone traveler suddenly turned his head and hummed with laughter. What about you? Have you seen the exterminator?
I’ve never seen a dead baby piled up in a hill, but I’ve seen pieces of dead bodies. I’m almost the same age. Cang Lan sank in my eyes. It’s generally chilling to see him slowly raise his left hand to the ground than a height. It’s about this high in the farthest depths of hell.
Vote for pk and get points. Chapter 34 Charm Attack. Blood coffin hides ghosts.
Fierce Qingyang loners both froze to death, staring at the destruction of surging billows, gesticulating at the height of the body, while on the other side, they were already going to the side of destroying surging billows, and Qingluo stopped living, always entangled in the bottom of my heart, fearing and violently colliding with her brother’s pure love, and threw herself into the arms of destroying surging billows and suppressed her mind.
Destroy Cang Lan or so and look at his pale face. His most important two people closed their eyes and smiled bitterly. That is to say, this piece is full of coffin blood. lang came here and there to search for dead babies who were destroyed by war.
That’s right. The lone ranger feels that the sword blade on the side of the neck is suddenly close to the head and neck and sneers. It seems that you can’t hold back and want to kill me, fierce young Xia.
You bastards suddenly raised your eyes in the shadows, flashing a little strange water light, grabbed the hair of the loner and shouted, those are babies, all babies are dead. Do you still want to do this, uncle? Now cut your chests and see if you have grown up.
After saying his word, the fierce Qingyang turned over a thousand miles of frost, and the icy hard hilt hit the lone ranger’s side neck like a flash. The lone ranger just threw his weapon and couldn’t resist the fierce Qingyang’s anger, so he immediately slammed on the ground, but his eyes were cold.
Seeing the ground, the man is still staring at his back with a cold face, and the slightest fluctuation is fierce. The green sun is extremely angry and reversed, and a piece of golden red firm but gentle cold silver and fierce gold are merged. The gas strength rushes into the tip of the sword and screams all the time, stabbing the lone ranger’s chest.
Just an inch away from the lone ranger’s chest, the fierce green sun felt physically and mentally strong and was resisted. Suddenly, he turned his head to stare and controlled a magic light to resist the tip of his sword and destroy Canglan Road. Can you still tell right from wrong? What have these guys done? You didn’t hear me just now. I always follow your weirdness. Not this time.
We can’t fight because of outsiders, can we? As soon as Qingyang destroys Canglan’s figure, we leave a magic light to suppress the trembling of Hanshan Night Bell, but we stand proudly in the fierce Qingyang loner, holding up our right hand and claws, breaking off the head with a thousand miles of frost, and the Hanshan Night Bell has gone crazy to cultivate puppet skills. What should we do if you kill him and give us something?

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