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There’s no other way now, so we have to go in and have a look.

Master Wang Xiaojie, the two of us will go in and the rest of us will stay outside. If anything happens, it’s a good idea to meet them.
Zhu, let me in. I’m not at ease outside.
Yes, master, you Xiaojie have been completing the arduous task these days. Let’s go in, and Ginger is also fighting for it.
In the end, Caesar said, don’t argue. I’ll go in, Xiaojie. We have a special constitution, even if it’s dangerous, you should stay outside.
If you think about it, it’s the same, so we won’t argue. Master Wang and others are anxiously observing the movement in the pasture outside, hoping that Xiaojie Caesar will not have any accidents.
Xiaojie Caesar entered the stone building and carefully observed the environment inside. The first floor has four bedrooms besides a living room. There is nothing special in the innermost part of the living room. A one-meter-five-wide staircase should be the only passage on the second floor, but this staircase is very strange. A faint light wave covers the entrance of the staircase. Xiaojie’s eye-catching perspective function also shows the situation of the building. This is obviously another enchantment. Caesar’s five-dimensional people’s special crossing spell is also an ability to this realm
Xiaojie looked at Caesar. I have an idea. Go to the corner and don’t hurt you. Xiaojie said to Caesar.
Caesar didn’t quite understand Xiaojie’s meaning, but he did it anyway. As soon as he got to the corner, Xiaojie’s intention went up into the sky. The black dragon directly blasted a big hole in the head floor, and the stone powder smashed on the ground. Then Xiaojie jumped and rushed to the second floor. The pattern on the second floor was very simple. There was a one-meter-high stone table near the inner wall. There was a large gold bowl that could hold 20 kilograms of watermelon. In the gold bowl, clouds of fog were continuously emitted. On the wall of the stone table, more than two meters away, the fog from the air outlet went outdoors.
Xiaojie really didn’t know whether he was happy or moved. He wanted to take the golden bowl impulsively, but it seemed to grow on a stone table. Guan Xiaojie tried his best. The golden bowl also did not move. When Caesar saw this situation, he ran over to help the two five-dimensional people. It was by no means a thousand pounds of strength, but it was such a strength that he picked up this large golden bowl and dispersed the fog from it. It should be that the plague fog was still spreading slowly.
It’s no wonder that Lord Shura is such an old god in this golden bowl. Nai Xiaojie called out the left-behind pillar outside to talk about strength. Who can’t compete with Brother Zhu? But the pillar lost his temper in front of this golden bowl. Later, Master Jin Jie of Fung Wong-Nui was able to take the golden bowl. When everyone was at a loss, the foreigner talked to Cruz. What did you do? If you dragged me, you couldn’t do it. Not necessarily, I couldn’t do it. Did you hear that? At this time, everyone remembered that the foreigner hadn’t come yet. It seems that he hasn’t
In the column to help foreigners come to the second floor and walk to the golden bowl, the magical foreigner once again shocked everyone.
Cruz made a cross on his forehead and chest, and said, "Serve God to drive away evil". At the same time, he put the cross on the golden bowl and covered it with a purple scent. The purple scent disappeared into the golden bowl, and the white mist that was constantly emitted from the golden bowl disappeared. Cruz held the golden bowl in his hands and hugged it in his arms happily, stroking the large golden bowl like caressing his lover, and the golden bowl responded in his arms like a lavender light.
Looking at this situation, everyone, look at me. I look at you. You are stupid. An artifact of China actually recognizes a foreigner.
Chapter 33 The Devil’s Gift
On the plane back to Beijing, the foreigner Icarus finally unveiled his mystery. Icarus is an American. He is a real adventurer and a priest. He is born with super powers and his perception is amazing. Although there is no offensive collar, his affairs have attracted the attention of many institutions at an early age. Because he was not harassed by experts in scientific research, military medicine and chat, he approached and became a priest. Because the belief foundation of western countries is Catholicism and Christianity, Icarus grew up under the blessing of God. Volume Cruz is not the kind of person who is quiet in a corner. He takes risks and fantasizes that he finally took an adventurer’s journey at the age of twenty-five. The magical eastern world is his favorite place, especially ancient China. He has more than a dozen passports from all over the world and speaks three languages, English, French and Chinese. He has found many rare treasures in his career as an adventurer and brought a lot of wealth to his church.
When he was traveling in Hengshan Mountain, his natural ability made him feel the golden bowl, but when he was about to get the golden bowl, he was caught by a group of fire days. The ability of the golden bowl spread some plague to the world and imprisoned Cruz, but the demons didn’t intend to kill him. Because the demons discovered his special ability and wanted to get more equipment with the help of Cruz’s ability, he tried to get away from it and stop the demons from moving. Only through dreams did he attract him to feel powerful forces to help him.
Xiaojie and others have nothing to doubt when they talk to him. Because Golden Bowl can choose its owner, it will never be a bad person. But meticulous column is still cunning and asked a sentence. In fact, Golden Bowl has already admitted your identity as a master, right?
How did you know that I had become its owner long ago, but I was robbed as soon as I got it?
At this time, it suddenly dawned on everyone that if it wasn’t the master, Lord Shura could do it, too. Ikrus was seen by everyone and sweated. Finally, I could stand the stall and said, OK, I admit that I helped that Satan, but I can’t help it. You will be caught by them and beaten every day, just like me.
Oh, come on, there’s nothing I can do about it. Master Wang said in good faith
Later, there was another foreigner in the team who was half persuaded and half forced to win over their lives, and he was a foreigner with an artifact.
The first thing everyone did when they returned to Beijing was to report the completion of this project to Professor Liu Chang, and introduce the new partner, Ikrus. Liu Jin also said a happy thing, that is, to ease the pressure of continuous work for everyone during this period, let everyone relax, and at the same time, give some gas to the research. Liu Chang announced that Mr. Dong Yuanzhu and Ms. Jin Jie would hold a wedding, and Liu Chang gave Jin Jie a resident ID card of the People’s Republic of China.
After hearing the news, although Zhu’s face was a little red, he was still happy from ear to ear. Fung Wong-Nui was also ashamed, but his excitement was concealed. Everyone was booing and helping all the pre-marital preparations.
After getting the good news, Xuan Nv led Xiaojie’s three wives in the future to help. It can be seen that the three little women have been joking together. I don’t know what medicine Xuan Nv gave them in the Yellow Emperor’s nine days to make the two jealousy circles accept Elisha.
Women help Fung Wong-Nui decorate a new house, which is a two-room house on the second floor of the dormitory. Yue Nannan Fu Li bought a lot of fashionable and warm things, curtains and bedding for a couple, and a set of beautiful wedding avant-garde Fu Li also bought pajamas for the couple, which made Jin Jie blush in front of everyone, but Xuan Nv was still very unified for nine days. She actually cut many things by hand, and the couple had to stick them on the doors and windows, which made it very festive.
The men are even more able. Master Xiaojie Wang went all over from Wangfujing to Xidan, but he didn’t get anything back except a set of column gifts, but he got a lot of fireworks and firecrackers. The professor came from a hotel and the chef prepared materials for the wedding banquet in the dining hall for three or four days. Finally, Zhu Jinjie’s wedding day was ushered in.
May 16th, 9.
In the dining hall of life science research, it was decorated very grandly. The dining hall was changed into the wedding banquet hall, and a small stage was arranged at the innermost part to set off the atmosphere. Master Wang also ran to the stage to be the host, and many leaders of the National Security Bureau were seated. Today’s wedding seems that a life with artifacts and equipment is really valued. Even the Yellow Emperor Lin Kenan came to drink on the wedding day, and firecrackers rang outside, shaking the happy melody.
In the melodious wedding March, the bride and groom stepped on the brand-new red carpet and walked arm in arm on the small stage. Master Wang once and righteously teased a couple. After the introduction of the couple, Master Wang asked Mr. Dong Yuanzhu with a bad smile if he was excited today.
Excited column replied.
The master asked again if he was impulsive.
Column wanted to think is not impulsive.
Master, you’re not even impulsive on a day like today. As the master incited the audience to boo, whoa, whoa, keep booing at the column.
Column nai red face said impulse.
Master is so big, can you hear me? Let the groom be bigger, will you?
Well, well, well, well, well, well, well
Master Dong Yuanzhu, I’m asking you again. Today is your big day. Are you impulsive? Answer it a little more.
I impulsively turned up the volume and blushed and replied.
At the end of the day, there was another uproar, which made the atmosphere in a big dining hall very warm.
Excitement is nothing but impulsiveness. Let’s talk about it after you enter the bridal chamber late and no one is there. The master is ridiculous and professional.
When the master was about to tease a bride, three people came in from outside the dining hall. As soon as they entered the auditorium, everyone woke up. Although these three people were unusual in appearance, the strange fluctuations that emanated from them were a life, and everyone could tell that they were ahead of the fire. If someone came to the innermost stage with a one-meter-long red gift box in his hand.

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