I motioned for him to go in.

The antique crystal chandelier exudes brilliant brilliance. It is a long table that can accommodate 30 people. The gold-plated chair for this room has recently been newly covered with a layer of green satin, gold and green color matching. The golden vortex is covered with green felt and the gold-plated sideboard inlaid with green malachite is placed in the long window.
The idea of apology crept into my mind, perhaps because Lester had been completely fascinated by this place.
Blackwood Manor is unnecessary. I told him that I live here with Aunt Quinn, and I felt that one day someone would make us smarter, of course, return it to other members of the family, and then return it to the manor. They were too rich to work. I stopped talking and was ashamed.
What is wiser? His tone is still relaxed. What manor can’t be your comfortable and elegant home?
He looked at Aunt Quinn’s portrait of a smiling girl with white blistered sleeves when she was young. It seemed that it was only yesterday, not 70 years ago, and then another portrait. Virginia Lee blackwood Manfred’s wife was the first lady to live in Blackwood Manor.
The portrait of Virginia Lee has darkened, but the portrait is still full of vitality and vague emotions. The blonde in the painting looks honest and humble, smiles and looks beautiful. Her dress is gorgeous in the 19th century, and her long sleeves are folded over her shoulders. Her hair is combed. She is aunt Quinn’s grandmother. I can always see some of the same features in these portraits, eyes or faces, although others say they can’t.
And they are not just random memories for me. These portraits, especially Aunt Li Quinn of Virginia, are still with me. However, when I tremble in Virginia, I dispel those strange memories of ghosts, and my heart is occupied by too much excitement.
What is it? It can’t be your home. Your ancestors’ wealth is hidden in the library. Lister commented bluntly, I don’t understand.
Oh, when I was a child, I replied that my grandparents were still alive. At that time, the manor was a hotel. They called it a bed breakfast place, but they also had dinner in the restaurant.
In the past, many tourists came here, and we still keep it. Every year, the singer will sing at the top of the stairs and the guests will gather here in the lobby, which is very convenient. At this time, I held a midnight banquet last Easter so that I could make it.
I was shocked by the memories of the past. I was frightened by its vitality. I forced myself to try to wring something from my early memories. What can I enjoy now?
My singers, when I say sopranos sing OHlyNigh, I will shout with my grandparents. Blackwood Manor is very powerful at this moment and changes people’s lives. You can see that I am still fascinated by it.
How does it change people’s lives? He quickly asked if he was attracted.
Oh, at that time, many weddings were held here, and my voice stopped the terrible memory of the wedding. The recent memory overwhelmed everything. It was a shameful and terrible scene. The smell of blood in her robe was driven away from my heart. I continued
I remember the lovely wedding and the anniversary banquet. I remember that a 90-year-old man had an early picnic on his birthday. I still remember that many people came back to revisit their wedding place. The heartbreaking memories reappeared, and the bride was bloody. I felt dizzy.
You little fool, you killed her. You didn’t intend to kill her. Look at her white dress.
I don’t want to think about it now. I can’t be weakened by it. I will confess everything to Lister, but not now.
I have to go on. I stammered and finally said it
One of our guest registration books is a broken quill pen full of comments from people coming and going. They still come here from time to time, and their enthusiasm never wanes.
He nodded and smiled as if it made him happy. He looked at the portrait of Virginia Lee.
A faint inspiration passed through my body. Has the portrait changed? I vaguely imagined her lovely blue eyes looking at me, but she will never come back to life, won’t she? Of course she won’t. Her noble virtue is a name. What am I going to do with her now?
In recent days, I have insisted that I have found myself desperately in love with this place and cherishing my connection with others. My aunt Quinn is my most cherished, but others can never let them know my identity. Others.
He looked at me patiently as if thinking about my words.
Your conscience is as sweet as a sogeum, he mused. Are you really strangers? Are these Christmas and Easter guests coming to your roof?
That makes me happy. I admit that the room is always full of bright sports, and people say that when the voice is busy, the stairs are hoarse and vibrato, the guests will complain that the oatmeal is too thin or the broth is too mushy. In the past, my grandmother Swithhard couldn’t translate Sweehear Bar and would cry because of it, while my grandfather, we all call him Bobbs Pps, would bang the table angrily in the kitchen privately, but on the whole, the guests were here.
Occasionally, it seems lonely, melancholy and depressed here, no matter whether the lights are bright or not. I think when my grandparents die, its good side will be over. I feel a kind of deep depression like Blackwood Manor, but I can’t leave it and I won’t leave it willingly.
He nodded his head and understood what I meant. He looked at me and I looked at him. He was judging me and I evaluated him.
I’m thinking about how charming he is. I can’t bend his blond hair gracefully at the neckline, but his violet eyes can see people’s hearts. There are very few creatures with violet eyes. The subtle difference between his eyes doesn’t mean anything. His tanned skin is smooth and he stares at me questioningly. I don’t know what he sees.
You know, you can wander around. I said that he was still interested in me and was shocked. The words overflowed nervously again. You can return ghosts in some rooms, and even tourists saw ghosts.
Are they afraid? He asked curiously.
Oh, no, they’re so happy to stay in the haunted house. They’re so, uh, they see something that’s not rooted, and they want to be alone in the haunted house.
He laughed.
They said if they heard the bell ring, I continued to smile at him, and then they smelled coffee. Although there was no coffee, they caught the smell of exotic perfume occasionally, and one or two tourists were really scared. In fact, in the past, several horses picked up their luggage, but in general, the haunted name made this place very popular, and then of course, they could really see ghost people.
And you, you can see ghosts, he said

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