As soon as this was said,

A few people on the reef shine at the moment.
Even the Chinese robe man’s face lit up and immediately said, "Good, good, everything is going according to plan! It seems that it is time to attack Haizhou! "
Speaking of which, there is a new light in the male eyes.
It is obvious that he has been looking forward to a day for too long.
However, at this time, an old man suddenly came out of the reef and said, "This matter must not be anxious. The new navy commander always made Zhao Jiguang a god who lived in a dynasty."
"Although Haizhou looks weak in defense now, everything should be careful."
The old man knows very well
The temple has been waiting for the day of counterattack.
But that’s why you need to be more careful.
What if the other party sets a trap? Then all these years of hard work have been a complete failure
"Master Weng Palace certainly knows what you think." At this time, the Chinese robe is full of men. "But now this opportunity can be said to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All the white masters have already entered Haizhou and will create chaos at any time."
"Now Haizhou Navy’s defensive deficiency is the time for us to attack. You said that Zhao Jiguang is even less worried."
"Didn’t he come to Haizhou because it was not good for Zhenbei to fight against grassland barbarians?"
"What do you say about battle-hardened? Your palace is a flower stand."
"Besides, naval warfare and water warfare are the most important here. Even though he is familiar with the tactics of soldiers, he has never commanded this kind of war."
This sentence is to let people around you agree.
Yin Hua robe man said it was very right.
Naval warfare and land warfare are two concepts.
Even their own side took the initiative to attack, but the Great Wei Navy was notoriously weak. They were not unlearned. Is it because Zhao Jiguang was reborn? How is that possible?
Does the Wei side know the location of their landing this time?
Therefore, we can mobilize our troops as much as possible to defend more places.
Causing Haizhou to be weak in defense
That’s Haizhou. It belongs to the important town.
If this war can attack Haizhou, they will have a foothold, and they can attack, retreat and defend.
After all, Haizhou is close to Jiangnan’s rich land, but don’t worry about food and money.
And the old man frowned slightly after hearing this, it seems that there is still some worry.
But at this time, the Chinese robe man was impatient and immediately said, "Master Weng, how long do you think we have been preparing for this matter? There is absolutely no problem with the help of the white door. "
"For more than a hundred years, I have never crossed the shore since the Dayuan Dynasty was broken. You must know that Dayuan was once the Lord of the Central Plains!"
"Now very not easy to have such an opportunity not to say to recover my big yuan but less mainland China will have us all over the floor! Besides, we are not alone, and there are people who give us support! "
At this moment, the Chinese robe man looks sad.
Because he is a descendant of the former royal family, that is, the royal family of Dayuan Dynasty, whose name is Chen Yuan.
He is said to be Yuan Santai, a key wanted figure in the Wei court.
And Chen Yuan Dayuan’s royal bloodline was taught from birth to counterattack the Central Plains’ recovery of Dayuan Dynasty, and he has indeed done so over the years.
Hand and Yu Dayuan’s royal family helped Chen Yuan spend more than ten years integrating the forces of the sea and the sea.
Up to now, there are 60,000 to 70,000 pirates in hand, close to 100 seagoing ships.
In this vast sea, he thinks he can be called the only king.
But what about Chen Yuan?
He is not satisfied with this because what he wants most in his heart is to enter the Central Plains and recover Dayuan.
Now there is a chance, even if it is very slim, but try it anyway.
Besides, there is not only Dayuan royal support behind him.
And those haikou
The country behind you!
Although Chen Yuan knew it was disgraceful, he couldn’t stand it any longer.
Once, the royal blood of the Central Plains had never seen the Central Plains and the mainland since birth. He felt that this opportunity could not be let go!
The old man who was called Master Weng next to him was Teacher Chen Yuan, and the teacher of Dayuan Dynasty was lost in thought.
Yes, even the remnants of the former royal family in the sea
Also maintained the name of Dayuan.
Otherwise, Chen Yuan wouldn’t call himself a palace, because he is Dayuan’s present gentleman.
However, Emperor Dayuan didn’t ascend to the throne because those royal remnants seemed to have recovered the Central Plains people, otherwise it would be too much.
After careful consideration, Master Dayuan Taifu Weng finally bowed down and said, "Everything will be arranged by the Taidian!"
I am very happy to hear Chen Yuanxiao.
Then there was no hesitation.
Send a direct message to all the pirates.
Prepare Haizhou to attack when the defense is weakest, and according to the time, it will be midnight at the latest today and early Sunday morning at the latest.
And these two period are that times when people are most prone to fatigue and drowsiness.
Chen Yuan is very confident.
Dayuan will surely defeat Dawei in this battle!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Great achievements!
After all, they have been preparing for this battle for a long time.
Especially if it’s a naval battle, it’s Dayuan’s home court.
When Dayuan and Wei founded the country, the royal blood has been drifting in the sea since it left the Central Plains.
And this also makes them disrespectful to collect a lot of pirates and, most importantly, a lot of naval experience.
Especially in recent years, Chen Yuan ordered Hai Kou to attack the coastal areas of Dawei constantly, which is to test the strength of Dawei Navy and train on his own side.
Of course, the effect is also very obvious, with more and more experience and stronger combat effectiveness.
Most of the big Wei naval battles are winners.
This is the source of Chen Yuan’s confidence.
He knew that the Great Wei Navy was not strong.
And their own hands, Haikou, have all experienced great wars and are ruthless.
Add now Haizhou defensive force virtual all advantages tend to his side.
At this time, with Chen Yuan’s order to go to the sea, those pirates have also taken action.
They were ready, and they acted very fast, and they got together almost in the shortest time, and then they kept moving towards Haizhou.

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