武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 桑拿KB会所 Norman watched these tin men fall on the ground and whine, and none of them could climb up, which was a relief.

Norman watched these tin men fall on the ground and whine, and none of them could climb up, which was a relief.

It’s a good thing this method works, otherwise he really doesn’t know what these guys will do to him.
He stepped forward and looked down in front of a tin man. He saw that the armor on his chest was dented!
It was only when these young masters were too weak that they realized that the power of magic missiles was beyond imagination. Look at the sag of this armor. Even when he was in good health, he was called by this magic missile. Even if he was not dead, he would be seriously injured.
But now it is the enemy …
Norman wanted to leave immediately and stay out of trouble. After all, his magic has exhausted his body and he has not recovered to a good state. He can exert his strength in a normal state. But when he saw that these tin men seemed to have completely lost their ability to resist for a while, he had another idea.
Do it when you think about it.
Norman suddenly crouched down to put his hand through the crack in the tin man’s armor in front of him and felt it at random.
This ambiguous move provoked the tin man in front of him to shout in horror, "What are you doing!" The body is still twisting hard to get rid of Norman’s obscene hand and keep his innocence, but he hasn’t recovered since he was hit by a magic missile. Physical strength and combination can get rid of Norman’s dirty big hand, and the tin man is pretending not to see his silence in his heart.
I can’t believe that this prickly freshman still has such a hobby …
But their horses knew it wasn’t.
Norman found a wallet from this guy and immediately rushed to a tin man. He also put the wallet in his arms on the way, and then a tin man squatted and searched.
It turned out to be a search for war profits, which made the tin people breathe a sigh of relief.
Compared with their innocence, this money is nothing, and they are quite happy if they can get this guy to leave.
So a few people took out their wallets without waiting for Norman to come over.
After Norman searched for a phone, he quickly left the sight of these tin men with satisfaction-he was also afraid that these guys would slow down and seize him and beat him up.
At last, the tin people whined intermittently in the Woods. Occasionally, small couples passing by were scared to run when they heard this strange sound.
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Shadow
The tin men in the Woods lay for a long time before finally getting up slowly.
Magic missiles are very powerful, even if everyone eats one of them, but the magic power is not something that ordinary people can compete with, but fortunately they are all wearing armor, which makes them finally not seriously injured.
"He’s lucky this time, but not so lucky!"
A tin man said so ruthlessly.
Now Norman has been away for half a day, and it’s too stuffy to wear a helmet in this midsummer, so this man has taken off his helmet, and his green hair and moonlight stand out.
It’s the guy who will make freshmen incontinence by Norman ice dagger.
Some people at the scene had different opinions. "Come on, Gergil, this guy is so weird. I’ve never seen anyone use magic missiles like this!" " Look at this speaker’s expression, it seems, is still quite a bit scary.
As soon as this man’s voice fell, someone answered the phone and said, "Yes, yes, we all borrowed armor on purpose, but it was beaten like this, and even the wallet was taken away by him. I think I’d better forget it."
"I almost fainted just now!"
"I heard that the skull and bones people who have joined skull and bones are not easy to mess with" …
These tin men have taken off their helmets one after another, most of them were freshmen that night, and two of them were unfamiliar faces.
Green-haired Gejil was annoyed when he listened to these chattering words. "Are you blaming me? Do you want me to pay you back the money you were robbed of? !”
"It’s not that you think it’s okay."
"It’s not that you don’t know that there are always a few people who are not ordinary students every few years, so we don’t want ordinary students to have others follow them."
"What are you talking about? We were defeated, and the other side took away the war profit. Of course, this is no compensation. "
This guy twitters like a piece of loose sand. Before the accident, he felt that his natural enemy had an accident, and then he found various reasons and retreated. Finally, several people broke up and went back to their dormitory.
A stranger named Hogan? When the Rivera boys returned to the dormitory, they took off their armor and opened their mouths, as if to talk to themselves. Suddenly, they called out to the dark corner, "Who is it? !”
People immediately jumped up from the chair and clenched their fists in their right hands. I don’t know when I have already held a huge red gem.
"Don’t be nervous"
A figure slowly emerged from the darkness he was staring at, rippling like a water wave for a few times, but it showed a person’s appearance "it’s me"
This is a man who looks at the face of a man in his twenties and thirties. His average figure also belongs to the kind of person who can’t be found after being thrown into a crowd for a few breaths. The only feature is his common accent.
His general accent is very strange, which is somewhat different from the accent of the main circulation language in mainland China, and I don’t know which dialect is awkward to listen to.
"So it’s you"
Hogan’s nervous expression faded from his eyes after seeing the man’s appearance, which seems to be to know each other.
Then Hogan sat down again and continued what he had just finished.
He actually recited a spell, but his accent was very strange. It seemed to be an old saying, but it made people unable to understand what he was saying. I don’t know whether he really recited a spell or babbled.
But the next scene proved that he was indeed chanting.
After he took off his armor, he pulled his clothes and wore little clothes in the summer. At first glance, his chest was red and slightly sunken. Obviously, this was just hurt by Norman magic missiles-the power of magic missiles can be seen through armor.
And with Hogan’s strange spell finished, the red mark on his chest turned out to be gradually fading away from the original depression, and the flesh gradually calmed down and regained its luster!
Seeing this scene, the man rippling out of the shadows asked, "What happened?"
Hogan shook his head. "It’s nothing but that the students had a little conflict …" He told the story of today and explained the ins and outs of the conflict between Norman and Gergil. Finally, he sighed, "Magic missiles are indeed the most powerful spells in level 1 spells."
The man who came out of the shadow listened silently and suddenly asked, "You said that his magic missile attacked each of you, and each of you was hit in the chest by his magic missile?"
Hogan said, "Yes," and he was puzzled. "I really don’t know how he did it. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone who can make magic missiles like this …"
The man who came out of the shadows seemed to be thinking about something for a long time before saying, "You give me his information." After that, he finally talked about his visit. "Have the Nicaro wizards done anything unusual recently? ……”
Norman trotted back to the dormitory from the Woods and closed the door tightly. Then Curtis took out the wallet department in surprise, and put it on the table one by one, pouring out all the money inside and counting it slowly.
He counted it twice with the help of the Knights Templar, and finally determined that there were 22 Quintarans and 136 Yinnals here!
When Baze left, he only left him a gold talan for the "Master Allen". He went out for a stroll this evening and directly came to more than 20 gold talans, which is more than the life of Baron Harris gave him for a year!
These noble young masters are really rich …
Norman came to strengthen his mind to study magic hard and improve his strength, but seeing so many jintalans made his heart shake for a while.
It was the first time in his life that he had seen so many Quintana orchids, and the golden light made him almost blind.
Curtis is much more calm than his bumpkin. He glanced at these Quintarans and stopped looking. Instead, he asked with interest, "Did you rob?"
"No, someone came to rob me …"

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