"Thank you for your kindness."

The emperor virtual bodhi old zu nodded, and with a wave of his arm, his body became virtual and disappeared.
Jiang Feng doesn’t know what’s happening outside.
I don’t know Niu Xinger, so I let myself enter the sacred land of longicorn and sacrificed my qualification.
Go to the end of the passage
When you shine at the moment, you see a huge mountain.
Fairy energy fills the air around the mountain with a lot of cattle fighters staring at the mountain with excitement.
The fairy spirit in the sacred place of longicorn is really rich.
It is not impossible to break through the fairyland of pick gold.
"You are very looks unfamiliar. It won’t be the first time to come to the Longevity Holy Land to practice fighters this year! ?” A sound came from behind.
Jiang Feng twist a head to find a tall Daniel fighters walked in front of Jiang Feng.
Cattle fighters are generally strong.
Look at Jiang Feng, this group of bruisers is very thin.
And it is no wonder that looks unfamiliar will be regarded as the first time to come to the new cattle fighters.
"But I’m telling you, the more refined you are, the greater the danger." The man is obviously a chatterbox.
Chattering at Jiang Fengkou, he said, "This is not the place where the immortal energy will get into your body out of control. If you are not physically strong, the immortal energy will be absorbed and you will die."
The other mouth explained to Jiang Feng
Jiang Feng nodded that he naturally knew.
But it may be a problem for others, but it is nothing to him at all.
When he was preparing to climb the top of the mountain
"brush! Brush! Brush! " A few people in the distance suddenly burst into powerful fairy energy.
The cow fighters also leng a face of envy "you see! There is a good show to see again. "
Jiang Feng looked down their eyes.
A few cattle fighters in the distance immediately turned into a light and flew to the top of the mountain.
133 Chapter 132 Crossing Thunder Robbery
"They challenge the top of the mountain. Every year, many geniuses want to go to the top of the mountain. I wonder if anyone can go in this time."
The cow fighters slowly mouth to explain.
Jiang Feng also looked down their eyes.
Four fighters came to the top of the mountain in the blink of an eye.
But soon, one person’s face flushed and then he flew out, and the whole person flew off the hill.
But the other three people are also having a hard time.
Almost at the same time, I left the top of the mountain and my face was very ugly.
Seeing this, the Niuzu warrior immediately laughed. "It seems that no one can stay at the top of the mountain this time, and there is also a bodhi old zu."
"Are you? ?” Jiang Feng soliloquize a word
The cow fighters smell speech leng when blunt Jiang Feng said "you don’t believe it! ? Otherwise you can try … "
The cattle fighters haven’t finished yet.
There was no figure beside him, and a light shot out from him.
"A small rush will kill you!" This ox warrior is frightened to disgrace.
However, there is no place
Because Jiang Feng has rushed to the top of the mountain.
With all the cattle fighters at this moment have been shocked.
A full face of shocked expression "who dare to rush directly to the top of the mountain! ?”
I don’t know! It’s crazy to have never seen even the genius method of our Huang Xu clan reach the top of the mountain to cultivate this calf! ?”
"ah! I’m afraid it will be torn on the spot. "
Cow fighters are talking in succession.
Jiang Fengchang they have expected.
However, the opposite is true.
Jiang Feng came to the top of the mountain and sat cross-legged directly, otherwise Pang Daxian’s energy roots around him were not controlled by Jiang Feng and poured into Jiang Feng’s body crazily.
Let out a cold hum
This is nothing to him at all.
The body achievement method immediately works, and Pang Daxian’s energy is transformed into a small river that keeps flowing.
Moisturizes the meridians of Jiang Feng’s body
This scene can be stunned by all cattle fighters.
Especially just challenge cattle fighters face is ugly how could this happen?
The four of them competed for the first day of the cattle race.
It can be said that it was painstakingly taken away by a stranger on the first day.
Completely beyond their expectations.
Unfortunately, they don’t know.
Jiang Feng heart at this time is also constantly complaining fairy energy or less.
It would be great if you had more.
Jiang Feng thought of here when also don’t neglect body pores Zhang whole personalized huge vortex heart.
Crazy to absorb the fairy energy
"Impossible! This little one has the strength to take the initiative to absorb! "
"My goodness! This is still not a normal cow! ?”
Many people were stunned, and they were all stunned.
In particular, many people actually feel that the energy of this longicorn holy land fairy is gradually thinning.
Everyone is anxious one by one.
"I’m Cao! If you go here like this, will the fairy spirit be absorbed! "
"no! I also want to practice quickly! "
A people dare not neglect.
Have found the most suitable position to practice hard.
It’s a pity that all of them absorb fairy energy. Jiang Feng is dwarfed by himself.
Heaven and earth change, dark clouds are gathering
If the bodhi old zu knows this, he will definitely slap him to death, and he will not allow him to enter.
Unfortunately, it’s too late to say anything now.
Time passed quickly, about a month and a half ago.
Longicorn holy land
Gang Niu fighters are shocked by Jiang Feng, and now they are really admired.
Being able to stay at the top of the mountain for a month and a half is not a mountain. Looking at the whole cattle family, I am afraid that there are also emperors and bodhi old zu.

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