"Nine wines."

"ah? No … No problem! " Huang Jinliang thought that this woman had become a fine woman. I actually knew that the beautiful leg nine would cost four or five thousand yuan, so I asked Liu Yan for so much money.
"Hip talk counts!" Xiang Xiang saw that Jin Liang was so generous, and he immediately got a great experience.
"Call your husband!"
Seeing Xiangxiang’s sweet mouth, I was so happy that I said goodbye to Xiangxiang’s golden light. It was the car that left Da Nai Village and came to Baiyang Town. I first went to the supermarket to buy two cigarettes and a bottle of good wine to look for Zhou Feng.
At this time, it’s late, the dinner peak has passed, and the first time you count the money, you will know that you have something to ask him when you see Jin Liang’s gift coming.
Zhou promise is also a fine figure. He knows that Huang Jinliang is the enemy of Pi two dog, so he doesn’t like to take a reason.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, this is a little something from my younger brother. Please take it!" When the golden light comes, put the gift on the table
"Who’s the elder brother? I know you. Take things away!" Said Zhou promise in anger pushed the ceremony aside.
"Brother Feng, I am Jin Liang. Your younger brother is in trouble now. Please be a big brother and give me a hand!" Jin Guangliang a dozen arch yi way
"Jin Liang said yes, I’m not your big brother, and I’m okay to be a big brother. I’m still someone else’s younger brother. You’re at the wrong door. Take this alcohol and tobacco back!" Zhou Chengfeng said that I have to rely on Pi two dog to eat myself. Your ya offended Pi Boss with Pi cannon Hu Fei. Now you know who to beg me for.
"You are a good brother!" How pitiful is the golden light now?
"I see what I see!" Zhou Chengfeng said that when I was stupid, it was easy to establish a good relationship with Pigou, but I must not make Pigou unhappy. Scum and gamblers like Huang Jinliang can roll as far as they can.
Get rid of Jin Liang, a pain in the ass. Zhou Feng is to dial a message to Pi two dog.
At this time, Pi two dog was hosting a dinner for the Hanlin residence. Shang Tiebing, the mayor of nine planets, made the mayor enjoy himself. Pi two dog specially pulled Ding Qing, Li Chunzhu, Yanyuan and Huang Yan from Da Nai Village to Hanlin residence to give the chef thugs. In addition, he invited the big star Ouyang Xueli to give a song and dance performance.
Everyone knows that Ouyang Sydney is a big-name star, but Pi two dog is still in the dark.
But it’s no wonder that after all, Pi two dog was born as a farmer. He met Ouyang Sydney because of a robbery. Even so, he wouldn’t believe that this beautiful girl in front of him is Ouyang Sydney, a top star. He is not so naive. This is also common sense.
This is also true in reality. The first-line star circle is not accessible to farmers.
When Ouyang Xueli concealed his identity and made up body double, Pi two dog was convinced.
Otherwise, Pi two dog would not dare to invite her.
Besides, the mayor ShangTieBing, the nine planets city boss, never dreamed that Pi two dog, a farmer from his hometown, had such a good friendship with Ouyang Xueli, a national first-line star. Suddenly, he strengthened his confidence for Pi two dog.
Pi two dog’s research and development of Cynomorium songaricum Pills is the first time for Tiebing. He didn’t take it seriously. He just thought it was famous. Everyone agreed that it was amazing after he tried it. The family member was very satisfied and praised him for returning to the glory of 20 years ago.
Also, Pi two dog’s production of anti-fate cigarettes made him astonish. It is no exaggeration to say that it is no exaggeration to take a sip of anti-fate cigarettes and immediately become full of vitality and energy.
Shang Tiebing is full of admiration for Pi two dog.
When Zhou Yuanfeng called, Ouyang Xueli was singing Pi two dog. When he saw that it was Zhou Yuanfeng, what happened? He quickly slipped out and answered "Yuanfeng"
"Eldest brother, deputy village head of Da Nai Er Village, Jin Liang, was greeted by Liu Cunchang today except boy, who wanted me to intercede for him. How can I associate with him? You’re welcome to kick him out! The boss didn’t mean anything else, but he wanted to tell you that the leaders of the eliminated villages in the second village probably won’t stop! " Zhou promise often reported.
"Well, I know what’s going on in the town. You can inform me at any time!" Two dog ordered.
"It’s the boss!"
Put away words Pi two dog returned to the living room and found that Ouyang Sydney finished singing a song. She was in high spirits tonight and frequently toasted ShangTieBing.
After three rounds of wine and three flavors, Shang Tiebing’s words suddenly exploded and picked up his mobile phone to see him. He just signaled to two dog, "Xiao Pi, look at the deer calling less. He must want me to come forward and help him get out!"
"Haha, it must be listening to what he said?"
Then Shang Tiebing answered, "Hello?"
"The mayor help skin two dog that king egg that ya is a scumbag, villain! His family died in a car accident, insisting that I ordered the good guy to break my hamstring and I became a cripple! God, I’m sorry I didn’t do it at all, okay? Please ask your old man to uphold justice! " Deer less lying in the hospital at the moment when talking to the mayor, pretend to be as pathetic as possible.
"Deer less first of all, I deeply sympathize with you! According to my preliminary understanding, a relative of Pi two dog was really killed by someone. She was killed by a paper car, and her death was very miserable. Is it you or not? I will send someone to investigate and I will not take sides until the investigation results come out! I can say so much goodbye! " Say that finish ShangTieBing hangs up.
Put away the words, Shang Tiebing just winked at Pi two dog. The two borrowed urine to escape to the health care provider Tie Bing and gave two dog a reassurance. "Who is Xiao Pi and Lu Shao? I know this guy best. If you don’t tidy up, there will be other strongmen to give him a lesson!"
"The mayor is still your old man’s eye, so I can sleep well!"
At ten o’clock in the evening, Pi two dog sent Shang Tiebing away and specially kept Ouyang Sydney at home for the night.
This guy wiped out Tian Xingli, the rival, in a surprisingly good mood. He was lying in a huge bathtub to take a bath. I didn’t expect bathroom door to creak and push a charming figure to flash in and take a look. The bearer was not others but the big star Ouyang Sydney!
Chapter 515 Ouyang Sydney cried
"Sister Sydney, I take a shower. The building is sanitary!" This guy saw Ouyang Sydney wearing a Jibi skirt and looking at that swaying posture. two dog couldn’t help but sprout up with his eyes straight.
"two dog came back from filming yesterday, and something was wrong with my coccyx. It was a small black spot. After a night, the small black spot became the size of a dragon circle. It seemed that something had got into my thigh again. It was so scary!" At some point, Ouyang Sydney turned white with fear.
"Shrimp? Let me see! " When two dog heard that Ouyang Xueli was abnormal, he forgot to dress in a hurry, and suddenly Ouyang Xueli saw that he shouldn’t look. When the red star screamed with fear, he covered his face with his little hand through his fingers and said, "two dog, are you kidding me?"
"Sister Sydney, I didn’t mean to," he said, and the joy of this product is to get dressed
"You haven’t finished washing and don’t wear it. Let me see what strange disease it is?"
Pi two dog is Ouyang Xueli’s coccygeal vertebra. I checked it again and sent it in perspective. It’s okay to look at him. This cargo is covered with a layer of ji pimples. See that there is a mass of things wrapped in several insects on the skin! He has never seen this kind of modeling bug!
"Sister Sydney, this should be someone. Who did you partner with yesterday to remember if you offended anyone?" Solution method is not Pi two dog’s specialty. You must call Miao Nv YanYan here.
His voice did not fall. Ouyang Sydney suddenly looked like a different person. He couldn’t even look at him right. He couldn’t help but say, "two dog, I want you to give it to me quickly!"
Then she became purple all over her face, like a number of greedy insects crawling to her face and making her want to stop.
Genial smile that skin two dog three five divided by two get dressed and take a mobile phone to inform cigarettes.
After the phone call, Ouyang Xueli clung to him like a demon, gnawing and kissing his skin. two dog couldn’t get rid of it if he wanted to.
At this moment, the door creaked and a cigarette rushed in. When she saw two dog hugging the big star, she turned around and walked away. two dog quickly stopped her and said, "Sister Yanyan Sydney has fallen in love with the flower method, please help her solve it quickly!"
"What love flower method?" I’m not shy when I learn that Ouyang Sydney has fallen in love with the flower method, so I have to check before.
When she found something squirming in the coccyx of Ouyang Sydney, she was shocked and said, "Master, this is a love flower method. You must find a man to do something 24 hours after you get it, otherwise the method can’t be solved!"
"I went to Sydney elder sister do you have a boyfriend? Call your boyfriend? " Pi two dog took advantage of Ouyang Sydney to push her aside. He has the goods of Prynne to solve the needs. If only he could talk to Ouyang Sydney again, it would be worse than birds and animals.
"two dog, I don’t have a boyfriend. Do me a favor and help me with the method, okay? Strange is crazy about men. How can I be so shameless? " Ouyang Xueli was tortured to death by emotional methods. Seeing her eyes full of hunger, when she looked at Pi two dog, it was a hungry dog who saw the flesh and bones, and even the bones flowed out.
"Sister Sydney, I can’t. I have a horse. Don’t be busy. I can’t help this kind of help!" Two dog’s real horse is wang hong’s wang hong’s, and she has to give it to him on her wedding night. No woman will explode and find a fragrant lotus as a partner, but in a few days, the fragrant lotus will kill the bad guys. Now he has found a new partner, Prynne. If it happens with Ouyang Sydney again, who will he become?
A man without a bottom line is going to be spurned, and he will be chopped to death by thunder from heaven.
"Master has fallen in love with a woman who doesn’t work with a man for 24 hours and will rot and die. Sister Sydney doesn’t have a boyfriend. If she wants your help, don’t mention it!" The thought of two dog being with another woman made her feel sour.
"No, no,no. Isn’t this a disaster for Sister Sydney? She will suffer a big loss! " Pi two dog shook his head into a rattle.
Smoke smoke to see him this cargo is full of a bad woman posture is called to one side pass path "two dog, you are not a curse her but save her life? Besides, she’s a big star. How many men dream about her? "
"Yanyan said it was to save her life. When Sister Sydney wakes up and finds out that I’m with her, she won’t scold me to death. Besides, Sister Sydney is kind to me and I can’t do it!"
"two dog, you said that Sister Sydney was kind to you. Now it’s time for you to repay her. Go. You saved her, not hurt her. No one will blame you!" Seeing that Ouyang Sydney’s love affair method became more and more serious, the smoke abruptly dragged the two together, and then she quickly left the health building to prepare an antidote to her terrapin, such as incense, myrrh and blood scorpion, and made five portions of Pinellia ternata, angelica bashuang soaked in wine, sand and realgar into three detoxification powders, waiting for Pi two dog to finish.
Hygienic skin two dog can’t do anything. You know that Ouyang Sydney is fascinated by the method of love flowers. Her state is not normal. This is not what she meant to put aside. Ouyang Sydney can’t do such a thing.
Laipi two dog and Ouyang Xueli are positioned as pure bosom friends, spiritual fit and no physical existence.
"two dog, when the bad guy keys, you will fall off the chain. Come and help!" Ouyang Sydney is like a million ants scratching her heart and rolling around like a madman.
"Sister Sydney, I can’t harm you. No, no, no, no!" This guy stopped him with a sudden hug from Ouyang Sydney after saying his word.
It didn’t stop until eleven o’clock in the evening.
Pi two dog lit a cigarette and said meow a mi. What is this? I was forced by Ouyang Sydney. I was forced!

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