The other party went from a basic ordinary person

Direct access to budo territory is faster than he was at the beginning.
Of course, the feminine little eunuch knows very well that this teacher younger brother is the reason for practicing special achievement methods.
But even so, it is quite amazing.
"Brother Yu!"
Jin Wang saw the bearer hurriedly get up and arch his hand and said, "Teacher younger brother is nothing in front of brother Wei Wei."
It’s not a lie what he said. This senior always has an unfathomable feeling in front of him.
At first sight, even if you are now in budo, you still can’t see through it.
Therefore, Jin Wang can determine the repair of the other party.
Absolutely strong!
"Brother, how long have you been practicing martial arts? If this is over for so many years, wouldn’t it be in vain?" The rainy day, that is, the feminine little eunuch jokingly smiled and continued, "It’s teacher younger brother, although your practice is progressing rapidly."
"But the defects are also very serious. You can choose a more secure cultivation method."
"You must be able to reach a high level after your talent, but it takes you more time."
To tell the truth, rainy days like this younger brother very much.
Not only sensible, but also humble and good-tempered.
He has been chatting with the bodhi old zu for many years, and he is unwilling if something really happens to him.
It was Jin Wang who shook his head slightly after hearing this sentence. "Brother, you know that it is nothing for me to be able to play for him earlier."
"Maybe my senior brother will say that I am too persistent, but my younger brother thinks that it is important to believe in something in life."
At this time, Jin Wang looked at each other and suddenly shine at the moment and continued, "It’s a pity that you, real brother, have been staying here so high. Why don’t you be loyal together? If you and my brother join hands, we will be able to do something great! "
When it rains, it turns into a day with a slight movement.
After careful consideration, I feel that the teacher younger brother’s suggestion is really good.
In particular, didn’t the bodhi old zu often teach himself to be loyal to the country before?
Of course, it is difficult for him to make a decision when he is used to staying here. He said, "I will think about what you said."
Jin Wang also knows that this kind of thing is urgent and needs to be called the bodhi old zu. Anyway, there are still many people who didn’t say much immediately. "Good practice today is almost the same, teacher younger brother, so I will go back first."
Say that finish arch hand a flicker and left the hospital.
In the rainy day, he bowed his head and lost in thought, muttering to himself, "Do you want to make a career …"
At this time, Jin Wang quickly returned to his residence.
But he didn’t rest immediately.
Is sitting on the theme seems to be waiting for something?
Mo Yue walked into the room after half an hour. "I’ll see your father-in-law!"
These are the little eunuchs sent by Jin Wang to investigate and monitor the details of the DPRK ministers.
He just stopped and made everyone salute, but he didn’t talk nonsense directly
"Tell you how things are going?"
At the front, Xiao Li didn’t hesitate to immediately say, "Report to Father-in-law Wang, we collected a large amount of gold and silver according to your method. We bought off the official documents of Song Dynasty and many people in Li Fang Mansion also got a lot of news."
"Oh?" Jin Wang suddenly became interested. "What do you have?"
"The first is the official document of Song Dynasty"
Xiao Li thought a little and then said, "According to those people, Song Guanwen is usually low-key and honest, and he never takes bribes. His life is also very dull, and his wife has excellent feelings and is not philandering."
"There have been times when you are in favor of others, but not many and don’t associate with colleagues very much."
"in short, he is a man with a bad name on the surface, but he is actually honest."
Smell speech Jin Wang nodded his head. He went to Song Zhai purport.
Although I saw it in a hurry, I was very impressed.
Now I hear these words, which further confirms my thoughts.
Song official document, this person can be taken a fancy to by the emperor, and there must be something extraordinary about it.
However, Jin Wang felt that it was not urgent. He looked at Xiao Li and other eunuchs and narrowed his eyes slightly. "What about Li Fang, who retired from his old age?"
Chapter 36 The Palace Wu Ge
"I was just about to report this to my father-in-law!"
Xiao Li hurriedly replied, "He left the capital in a few days with his family after he approved Li Fang’s resignation. Now he has arrived in Longyangfu. On the surface, it seems that there is no problem. We were prepared to buy off several small stewards of Li Fu."
"They said that Li Fang sent a letter to Longyang magistrate before he left, but we learned that Li Lin, the archduke of the Li family, had specially sent someone to Longyang mansion."
"We noticed that something was wrong, so we checked this and found a big problem!"
"What’s the problem?" Jin Wang sat up straight and a cold light appeared in his eyes.
He has long felt that Li Fang must resign.
There must be a deep meaning in it.
Let people keep an eye on some details.
Everything comes to him who waits, and it turns out as expected.

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