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The water column "Hua" in the air like a curtain. Go back and forth. Seeing the green cow rolled into the body.

I saw two flashes of light from the distance. It seems that a long piece of cloth is suddenly separated from it by a sharp long scissors. Cut the water waves in two. The water wave is out of control of the snake. "Hua". With the green cow’s body splashing on the surface.
The figure of two monks in charge of supervision appeared in the side of turning snakes into tens of feet.
The spell of the snake was suddenly broken. Open your eyes. The ferocious look at the party from the light.
Just at this moment. The space around the snake suddenly burst into disorder. Linglixun went everywhere. And the figure of the snake has become transparent. Turn into smoke and disappear into the air in an instant.
Qingniu just dodged a bullet. At this time, the whole body is still. But I saw two uncles appear. Regardless of the messy posture. Give a gift quickly. "Thank you, Martial Uncle," he said, turning to look at Zhangfan at the same time. "I lost this fight," he said. There is no need to compare any more. "
Zhangfan also gave a gift to two famous teachers. Only way: "How guilty. I hope you will forgive me. "
"It’s okay." Green cow answered. Side and Zhangfan to the sidelines. Although it’s just a big fight. But the soul symbol only needs to leave the hand. Is not controlled by the owner of the green cow naturally know this.

Chapter one hundred and fifteen Ending
Chapter one hundred and fifteen The record of cultivating immortality ends.
Anyone who doesn’t know. Just as I walked off the stage. Has attracted great attention. Although hundreds of fights. Some are even more dangerous than his fight. More exciting. However, there are not many animal soul symbols worth hundreds or even thousands of pieces of Lingshi that a gas-condensing repairman dares to use in the fight.
Even a few elders of Yunzong are a slight ash. I don’t know what I’m thinking.
A few hours passed in a blink of an eye. Hundreds have been decided. No accident. Zhangfan was not picked by the fifty monks in the back.
What monks lack most is time. The same time that is least lacking. It took several hours for them. It passed like a blink of an eye.
Although there is nothing to see in the comparison of low-ranking monks. But the monks who were in the stands still don’t know what to say. But it’s a matter of sect. From this, we can not only see the subsequent strength of other sects. And you can compare the overall strength of your own air sects from the side.
In a hundred-to-fifty fight. Zhangfan did not encounter waves. Directly advanced. The monks who compete with them may have paid too much attention to the game. So I also saw the fight in Zhangfan. So when fighting. Although he is comparable to Zhangfan. But it has always been in the way. Zhangfan finally won.
The last ten monks left. You have to fight against each other. Top 25 first. The remaining five places are much cooler than the competition.
When Zhangfan met a scholar, she was a female scholar. In the end, Zhangfan consumed a beast soul symbol. Even the Fubao "Giant Spirit Sword" was used. Only by close call can we win. Enter the top 30. That is to say. Zhangfan also got the opportunity to reward and listen to the Tao.
And when Zhangfan took the "Great Spirit Sword". In the stands, except for the Danxia who was outside the door, she was a little surprised. While Yuan Kui did not show a surprise. Yuan Ze is slightly one leng. I glanced at Yuan Xia, but Xia’s complexion just changed. Then stare back.
The woman who is fighting with Zhangfan’s green posture is actually Shan Linggen for decades because of her unique qualifications. In just a few decades, it has been the cultivation of the top layer of condensate gas. But it is still a pity that it was eliminated by Zhangfan. The woman xiu left at the moment. Beautiful eyes are full of hatred.
In the final duel. Zhangfan didn’t squeeze into the top ten. So the reward is just average. This is for Zhangfan. It’s a pity, but there’s nothing to dispute. After all, thousands of monks participated in the competition together, and some people with good qualifications were there. One hundred and twenty years. Although it is short. However, as a famous school, it can accept several well-qualified disciples. But it is positive.
Instead, it is a fight between monks based on the time scale of 120. Much more cruel. Those architects either go for the opportunity to hear the word. Or rushed away. Anyway. Although only 137 base monks took part in the fight, the time it took was several times as long as that of Zhangfan and his brothers.
From then on, we can also get a glimpse of a large Sect in the corner of the cultivation of immortals. Except for the last competition, the lost Tsukiji was accidentally damaged. Just one hundred and twenty-time. There are only over 100 monks who have successfully entered Tsukixiu.
An immortal. You can advance smoothly without penance. Including Zhangfan’s previously seen amazing real people. It is only because of rich knowledge. But also has its unique identification experience. Tianbaoge itself is regarded as a strange man. So as to take a lot of ascension. A panacea for prolonging life. Even so. Although because of Zhangfan’s understanding. But you still need to practice hard if you want to enter the foundation period.
So the monks who can enter Tsukiji. If the qualifications are rare. Either there is a great chance and adventure. But it is not a blind practice. You can be advanced. If so. I’m afraid the monsters in the Yuan Dynasty are flying all over the sky. It won’t be as rare as it is now. An infant monster appeared in a big sect. It’s going to be such a big celebration.
And those who are rare in qualifications. Most of them are at the beginning. Has been accepted by a high-ranking monk. So the cultivation of the heart. Dan medicine and other things do not need to worry about it. And although they are nominally under the door of an elder. But it is actually the object of protection of the whole sect. It is also the object of key training.
They can get there. It is definitely beyond the imagination of ordinary disciples. But those monks with mediocre qualifications usually practice. Everything is all my own efforts. Although the sects also subsidize it, it is necessary for cultivation. Ten is not as good as one. Regardless of whether it is a high or low monk. Are paying attention to their own practice. It is impossible for them to give directions even if they encounter bottlenecks. Therefore, the opportunity to listen to the Tao and the reward of the top three. For them. It is imperative.
Lianyunzong, the founder of Honghe, succeeded in transforming babies. Originally, it was the biggest celebration. And I’m happy to meet a 70-year-old. Therefore, this year’s award is extremely rich.
The first monk in the gas condensation period. And burst an upset. But an old man who just started in 119 years. It’s called violet. Not only did I get a reward from Tsukidan. Also to a set of top grade achievement method of this attribute. There is also a top-grade instrument.
And the second and third place. No Tsukidan. There is only one set of top-grade achievement method of this attribute. At the same time, there is also a Chinese product instrument, but two disciples are both charming children of heaven. The name is just a few decades old. A young monk named Qinghong. Shan Linggen is a fire. The other is also a single Linggen qualification. Spirit root attribute is wood.
Even if Zhangfan doesn’t make it into the top 30. I was awarded a hundred pieces of Chinese Lingshi. This is enough to cover the income of a low-level disciple who has been practicing three levels of condensed gas for 30 years.
Before Zhangfan did not enter the fifth floor of condensate gas. You can’t spend more than 200 to 300 yuan a year on inferior lingshi. Remove the use of cultivation. There are few left.
And the monks in the construction period are older. The reward is thicker. The first place was awarded dozens of fire magic pills. Moreover, a top-grade treasure and a top-grade treasure were awarded.
Sure. As early as the day Lianyun lived in Honghe, the bodhi old zu turned into a baby. Yuan Xia has planted the seeds. All these rewards are naturally appreciated by Qingyan. The second and third prize was won by two monks who were both in the middle of the construction period. A low-ranking monk like Zhangfan. Nature doesn’t know who they are. It’s just when the list is being sung. Only then did I know that a real person is Nai Cuibai. The other is Cui Wei.
And at the beginning with Zhangfan village iron. I cann’t believe I didn’t make it into the top seven. But Zhangfan’s accident.
When I saw Zhangfan walking towards the giant stage. Fang Tie’s eyes are full of contempt and jealousy.
Standing on the huge stands. When accepting the reward. Qingyan is still as usual. Wearing a white shirt. Just look more Leng Yan.
And Zhangfan just stood behind the giant platform among many disciples. Take turns to go up and accept the rewards awarded by the elders of Yuan Kui. By the time we arrived in Zhangfan. Yuan Kui actually said something outside: "Very good."
Zhangfan suddenly surprised out in a cold sweat. I wonder what Yuan Kui means. On the contrary, it was Dan Xia, the famous teacher of China, who was far away. But it was clearly seen by Fan.
The 70th anniversary of Lianyun Sect ended like this. Zhangfan was in its heyday. I personally watched this grand occasion.

Chapter one hundred and sixteen Listen to the way
Cultivate immortality knowledge record Chapter one hundred and sixteen Listen to the way
Thirty days have passed. Top 30 in condensate stage and top 7 in foundation stage. After the celebration, he did not return to his original residence. Instead, it was directly arranged on the top square of Qingsong Peak. They can retreat here for three days. This is also an affirmation and honor for it.
Pine peak is extremely aura. For the whole Lianyun Sect, the aura is the strongest. Pass Wan Li Jiuyou. Give orders where the eyes are
Thirty days. I don’t know what to say. Say short or not. In a flash. Zhangfan is in a state of meditation all the time. Like a sponge, it constantly absorbs the aura of the sky.
Through internal vision. Zhang fanxian. In this aura. The aura absorbed every day is more than the number of times when you practice at ordinary times. There are still several variegated aura in the body. But on the twenty-third day. Zhangfan now demonstrated the place where Mu Lingzhu actually moved. Obviously, like a small heart, it refines the aura that flows to the abdomen through the arm. The aura in the body gradually turns into a blue color. Instead of dozens of variegated colors as before.

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