"I want to make a bowl of fish soup as a treat."

Chuxian couldn’t control herself. I didn’t expect that she would call me "xianggong". So now her identity is Yan Er? Before, she always denied that Yan Er was herself. Her heart was full of doubts and she looked at me with her from the perspective of onlookers.
Chu Xian didn’t expect Yan Yan’s son to make a table of good dishes in a moment’s time. Her porcelain vase, I considered a glass of wine and handed it to me together with chopsticks. I took the chopsticks and wine, and she sat next to me, and two people were talking and laughing and eating the food.
"Yan Er, we will always be together and never part."
It turns out that happiness is so simple, living a life of farming and weaving together, I still can’t help but want to express my feelings, because I want to accompany Yan Yan’s son forever, regardless of Chu Xian, and I am determined that it is that little detail that can really impress her.
"Liu Yong, are you really willing to let me stop meddling in the affairs of the practitioners? So live a happy pastoral life and go on like this forever."
w w w
I have embraced Yan Yan ‘er in my arms from behind. She looked at me with happiness, saying that everyone feels that having each other means having the whole world. I have long since lost my life. I can give my arms a firm nod. Yan Yan ‘er is my love, that is, I can always accompany her for a long time. In fact, Chu Xian has long been moved to tears by me, hesitating whether to continue with me.
Love is definitely not the life department. When we gradually get used to the life of ordinary people, happiness is always short. After another year, Chu Xian saw that great changes have taken place in life. Because I have been hiding the fluctuation of the true spirit of the practitioners, those who pursued me gave us a calm and life is sweet, but the good times did not last long. It is time to come after all.
One day, I went hunting in the mountains early. Yan Er weaved in the room after leaving me, and I bought clothes. Everything was as calm as ever, and everything seemed to be as calm as ever.
At the entrance of this mountain, a group of escort agency people took a shortcut, and our room will naturally be discovered by them. They came to the door and gently pulled the wooden door panel to make a "snapping" sound. Yan Yan stopped working.
"Xianggong, you came back so early."
At the moment Yan Yan knocked on the door, these people all brightened up when they saw him. After all, the village women like Yan Yan were absolutely otherworldly. When the escort saw her, they all brightened up at the moment. One of them stopped her from trying to get the door. After all, how could she get past these bruisers with her hands tied? They soon clamped her down.
"You will pay the price. My" xianggong "will."
Yan Yan wants to make a final struggle, but those people won’t give her a chance.
"Beauty, you’d better be good or we don’t mind."
The leading man waved to the others, and Yan Er was tied into a box if he dared to say anything. Then they left the thatched cottage after a break in the room, and Chu Xian felt the box rickety.
The original situation was very turbulent. In this case, Chuxian did not follow Yan Yan’s body, because all her consciousness remained in the thatched cottage and quietly waited for my return.
I went back to the thatched cottage early today for some reason. I didn’t see Yan Er’s shadow. I didn’t say a word. I was more anxious to look around for Yan Er’s trace. Chu Xian wanted to tell me, but everything was not as simple as she thought. But I quickly recovered my calm. She saw that I took out a sword and a compass carved with special lines from my bag. My finger gently dropped a deep red blood on the blade of the sword to the compass.
The compass was spinning in my hand quickly, and I murmured for a while. Then I became physically deformed and quickly flashed my positioning ability, making it easier to find Yan Er. Many Chu Xian guessed that I would definitely not let it go.
"What is this place and what are you going to do?"
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Maybe I stayed in the dark for a long time, and then suddenly I saw the light. All the fears and fears poured out with her words in an instant, and now she appeared in the hall of a magnificent manor. Obviously, this man hired them to escort the agency in the mountains and fields to find fresh and refined children, which really made everyone feel a little excited and purely belonged to the level of disaster.
"Ha ha, little beauty, this is the Wangs."
A housekeeper looks fat and holds out his hand in Yan Yan’s smooth, compact and lovely face with a meaningful saying.
"I don’t care who you are, I advise you to release me quickly or else."
"Otherwise, how can anyone dare to compete with the Wangs?"
Yan Yan’s words were interrupted by the housekeeper’s feelings just in the middle. Presumably, the Wangs are big here, and there must be a reason for it. But they never thought that it was the heyday when I visited them, and I immediately slapped them in the face.
At this time, Chuxian’s consciousness has been attached to Yan Yan’s body again. Now that I have arrived, she can go to the theatre and want to see what will happen next. At this time, Yan Yan also said a word.
"Wang Hehe will soon disappear from this world."
Yan Yan ‘er seems to be just a mouth shut by the housekeeper. Whether it is in this troubled times or among the practitioners, the Wangs are definitely a banner that stands for thousands of years, but the housekeeper will never think that every word of this mouth shut woman in front of him is more than what really happens.
"I’m too lazy to talk nonsense with you and wait on the good master late. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the splendor all your life."
After the housekeeper lost this sentence, she waved her hand and took Yan Yan ‘er to the master’s bedroom. Soon everything was calm, but this calm would soon be broken by what happened next. What will happen to the Wangs? What does this dream portend?
Chapter 55 Nightmare (2)
Chu Xian-gen doesn’t know when this nightmare will end. She can passively accept the memory of Yan Er and me. After all the consciousness and Yan Er have completed intimate integration, something unexpected will happen to her.
In fact, there are still many flower beds in such a large manor. Obviously, Yan Er was carefully carved by someone. Although her hands were tied back, she still tried to pay attention to the changes in the surrounding environment to escape and strive for a little vitality. Since she was left in this room, she has become popular and busy.
The rope tied with Yan Yan’s son has been lifted, but for Yan Yan’s weak woman, it is impossible to escape in such a situation. She simply went to the room to get clues to escape.

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