武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 品茶夜网 "It’s true that when I doze off, I send a pillow." Streamer jumped happily in place and tried to attack the snake again and again. Sure enough, the damage caused by moves was twice as high, and there were fewer cases of miss.

"It’s true that when I doze off, I send a pillow." Streamer jumped happily in place and tried to attack the snake again and again. Sure enough, the damage caused by moves was twice as high, and there were fewer cases of miss.

The snake twists and turns in the sky, hoping to get rid of the streamer. Where is it so easy, it will be thrown out. Her resting place is very tricky. If there is a wave beating, the snake will block some damage for her first, and then it will be her turn. If the snake rolls like the enemy hot wheels in the middle of 360 degrees, she grabs the scales of the snake with one hand and uses the broken shield pike to sink into the snake body. She holds the pike with the other hand and clings to the snake as much as possible.
"Dear chivalrous man, please listen to me! The snake is flooded everywhere. Longxing fishing village is in danger. Never let it near the shore! Heroes must stop it in the sea! " Np invertors said that soft light emanated from the body and stronger words were amplified all over Longxing Cliff.
As soon as Xunzi’s words come out, fighting in the wild boss players in Longxing Cliff can be directly ruled out unless someone ventures into a snake to attack. Is this possible?
Several boats were prepared in advance, and the players tried to turn snakes into snakes, but they were all shot out by the waves.
Send them back to the camp for resurrection before they get close to the snakebite wave.
Watching several groups of people hanging in the sea watching the players become more silent, instead of focusing on other players who are also on the shore.
Even if you can’t get hatred, you must never let them attack the snake successfully!
Many guilds hold this idea and command guild members to slaughter first-movers!
Shore chaos and streamer didn’t make a penny. The streamer rolled towards the shore for a while and experienced the taste of the jumper. It was maybe two meters high and rushed vertically for a while and experienced the ten-ring roller coaster spinning and jumping. Rao, she was approaching the snake three inches away.
Where risk and challenges go hand in hand.
Time flies, breathes deeply, swallows Xiaoyao, marches fast, and suddenly appears in the position of three inches behind the snake, pedaling, leaping and slamming!
The waves are its hordes. As soon as it comes out of the waves, it dispatches huge waves behind it and rushes to Longxing cliff to hit it!
"run! The waves are coming, run! " I don’t know who shouted a scene of chaos.
In the event of an emergency, the guilds responded and cooperated, so they peeped at the leopard song and shouted "shield wall!" The iron riding shield wall nurse will lift the blood and everyone will pay for it quickly! "
Iron riders side by side shield shield seam butt joint quickly build a shield wall, and then the shield glows, and the virtual shield wall with a height of 2 meters will be shot head-on, and a flood of waves will be blocked outside to protect teammates behind the shield.
The seawater impacts Longxing Cliff, where it turns into a piece of Wang Yang land and disappears. Clouds of turbid seawater stand for healing green light and dazzling golden light.
That means that the soft white light in np direction is almost invisible.
The streamer grasped the snake’s wings and gasped. Her hair was wet and clung to her forehead. A few strands of hair blocked her eyes. Armor seemed to increase in weight when it met with water. Heavy clothes were close to the skin, and the cold sea stimulated the skin and made it uncomfortable.
Damn it, sensory system!
Drop it before you hit boss again!
Liuguang cursed in her heart, but at this moment, she also thanked the Sect for its "hammering", otherwise she might not make it.
Take a breath and turn the snake into a little quieter. "bebuff" will disappear after 5 seconds of countdown!
"No, you can’t let buff disappear." Streamer continued to attack the snake with one heart and one mind, and at the same time wrapped it to see if there were any big things that could stop the snake’s mouth. Every time it shouted, it was itself who was the first to suffer.
Besides, it took her so long to kill 17% of the snake’s blood, thanks to Elena’s medicine and buff of Fury. If Fury is gone, when will she have to fight? !
It’s a pity that she didn’t find the volume after searching for half a day. There are still many tiger skins-sects and Zhongshan kill monsters at the right time
"A dead horse is a living horse doctor" streamer took out all the tiger skins and wolf skins and kneaded them into a big ball. The snake dived into the sea and stirred in the sea in an attempt to get rid of streamer, which caused a devastating blow to Longxing fishing village.
The streamer has a water-repellent night bead and immediately appears through the egg shell to wrap her.
She put the fur in contact with the sea water and absorbed the water to make it heavier.
Seeing the right time, the whole person flew out like an arrow and appeared at the bottom of the snake’s eyelids.
Snake consciousness opens its mouth and swallows the streamer! to be continued
Why don’t we make a bet?
Time throws the fur out, just blocking the snake’s mouth with that fur.
Suddenly I stabbed the snake again and saw the "Furious" buff reappearing in the snake body.
"yeah!" Streamer strokes continue to attack.
After the waves, the resurrection points of Longxing Cliff are dense and full of players’ lovesickness. Due to proper cooperation, guild members are not damaged much.
"Tieqi takes care of dps and other forces of the wet nurse in the regiment to attack the snake!" Song Tao Hua shouted
"President boss seems to be someone playing!"
"Xuanyuan Shuang, please see who the boss hatred falls on." The unknown response is very fast, and the players who have absolute advantage in Feiyu Gate are ordered to see it.
Xuanyuan’s double eagle-eye skill is one of the best in Acacia Grey Guild. He observed it carefully for a while and said, "There is a person who hates her when she turns into a snake … that player is a pike, so I’m going to make a beautiful comeback!"
Xuanyuanshuang watched and applauded. He didn’t forget what he should do. He squinted and continued to observe. His head followed the distant streamer’s trajectory. "That player is a female fighters. She moves so fast that my sight can’t keep up with her. Give me more time."
Female fighters?
Unknown consciousness thinks of streamer.
In the piano, the streamer and grandma peach play fast, and there are almost ghosting images flying.
How could streamer be here? She should be counting money and cramping her hands in the shop.
Unknown smiled but hit the friends list.
Liuguang 31 Longxing Cliff
"…" He wanted to take back that sentence and sent it to the streamer for a while.
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Whispering to you, streamer, are you playing snake?
The streamer dodged the snake’s claws and attacked the fur ball. The fur ball was so big that it stuck in the snake’s throat and showed sharp fangs. It couldn’t make a sound, but it couldn’t last long.
Attacking the snake suspicion from the shore skill is to relieve the pressure on streamer, but she will never let the snake hatred transfer from her body to others, so it will be in vain.
Therefore, she constantly provokes the snake, pulls the hatred firmly, and makes it constantly wave its claws to catch her. If she wants to turn the snake into a snake, she will not make a sound and cause a flood, and everything will be fine.
I received a voice reply from the unknown secret chat streamer, and there were many people sweeping the shore of Longxing Cliff in his corner. She saw the unknown in the crowd at a glance.
[Secret Chat] You are right to [Unknown] quietly. I’m making a snake. I see you.
Getting the streamer is definitely unknown, and pride arises in my heart.
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Quietly tell you, if streamer plays the article on building a city, can you give priority to selling it to us?
Looking at the blood volume of the snake, is it too early to say that after the boss is finished? And it doesn’t necessarily make a city article. According to Xiao Yu’s soft love for cheat people’s bad character, if she really makes a city article, she will …
[Secret Chat] You whispered to [Unknown] that I didn’t really know that I would write a city article, and was it premature to say this?
"Come on, everyone, attack and grab the hatred!" Sing the peach blossom to cheer up the guild members and pay close attention to the surrounding situation
Snakes are within their range of attack. Some people stop attacking each other and turn to snakes. Try their best to improve themselves. dps will pull hatred to themselves. The first hatred will be turned into snakes. At last, they will succeed in mending the knife. The wild boss will lose his equipment!
The unknown is also attacking while chatting with the streamer.
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Tell you quietly, why don’t we make a bet?
[Secret chat] You quietly bet on [unknown]? Ok, I don’t believe this article. If it does, I’ll swallow hamsters for you live.
[Secret Chat] [Unknown] Tell you quietly that if it’s so cruel, you don’t need to swallow hamsters, then you will give priority to selling it to us, but now you should worry that your hatred will be unstable.
[Secret Chat] You whispered to [Unknown] that I hate stability and will not be robbed of hatred. Hahahaha.
[Secret chat] [Unknown] Quietly telling you so confident? Then I’ll do my best. Then I’ll take away the hatred. Don’t cry.

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