武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 桑拿KB会所 Assistant Li realized that they had been stumped by someone since they entered the boundary of Suzhou, and they didn’t find the right place until one day, one night and one noon, and everyone knew who did it.

Assistant Li realized that they had been stumped by someone since they entered the boundary of Suzhou, and they didn’t find the right place until one day, one night and one noon, and everyone knew who did it.

Tang Shiyan gathered his eyebrows and looked at his clothes thoughtfully for a long time, thinking that Assistant Li made sense.
He accepted a favor from Gu Zhenglin. Whether he likes it or not, it is not good to directly confront him.
"What’s appropriate for that?"
Tang Shiyan glanced at assistant Li’s trousers coat, the quality of which was a little lower than his, but the other person’s body was too clothes for him to wear.
Assistant Li pointed to the lively film and television city with this inexplicable contempt for Wang, saying, "Although the cast is mixed, I think you’d better wear a low profile."
"Let’s go"
It’s not reluctant for Tang Shiyan to signal Assistant Li to lead the way without saying anything, but it’s normal. Tang Shiyan has always been a relatively low-key president, perhaps because he was a soldier, and his requirements for eating and wearing are not strict.
However, if people wear anything, they can also wear dozens of cheap goods on the catwalk. I feel that Assistant Li has a headache and rubs his forehead. Finally, he is particularly courageous and throws it to Tang Shiyan. He wants to press his strong temperament for a few exercises, but the quality is really not good. Tang Shiyan dare not touch it and is afraid of tearing it.
Fortunately, the other party didn’t get mad, but glanced at him coldly and turned to change.
"Not bad, Mr. Tang. It’s really good this time."
It’s really nice to wait for someone to come out again, and Assistant Li applauds repeatedly, and it’s not ugly at all. It just doesn’t look so scary, unlike the president of a private tour, like a really lonely president.
Tang Shiyan looked at his calm expression in the mirror, rarely showing disgust and frowning, and quickly turned his eyes. Assistant Li picked a black hat and buckled it on his head and said, "Sir, this is absolutely family-friendly. I certainly can’t recognize you."
"Are you sure?" Someone adjusted the radian of his hat.
Assistant Li patted his chest "of course"
He can assure you that even Miss Shen can’t recognize her family at a glance.
"Then let’s go."
With that, Tang Shiyan motioned assistant Li to pay, and he lifted his foot and left.
"Wait for me, sir. I’ll send you a mountain." Assistant Li took out a hundred dollars and patted it on the cashier’s desk, saying, "Keep the change."
Section 373
Today, on the first day of the flight, Shen Xinyu encountered some difficulties. Six times, the director knew her identity and forbeared to yell at her to shoot other scenes first, but she was ashamed to rest and sit by and watch others’ scenes.
Except for her, the other actors in this crew are all good in strength, and then they make up and remove makeup to continue.
The flying sand is rolling, and then there is a drama. The team members are preparing.
Chi Bin came over wearing a silver-white play with a cup of milk tea in his hand. "Don’t worry, I think you did quite well."
This naked bias will make the director hear that he may vomit blood. As a result, the milk tea looks at Chi Bin and says, "Your style is pretty good."
Chi Bin, the male and female role, is a gentle and graceful strategist around the male master Huaiyang Shi, and it’s really appropriate for him to play it.
Chi Bin was praised for being embarrassed, and his ears were a little red. "Xiaoyu thinks it’s good to look good."
Shen Xinyu smiled and turned to drink milk tea. Chi Bin sat next to her and asked, "Is the state not adjusted yet?"
"No" Shen Xinyu looked at the intense picture in front and bit the straw and said to Chi Bin, "In fact, I don’t know how to adjust whether I’m afraid for a while or not."
The director meant to let her adjust before filming, but she didn’t have time to sit here and watch.
Chi Bin looked at her and thought for a moment. "Actually, I really think your performance today is much better than yesterday. Maybe Wang Dao is too demanding. Why don’t you change the scene first?"
"Change what scene?"
Shen Xinyu was curious and asked Chibin to teach her acting in her room yesterday. They discussed it until midnight, and she did gain something and recognized his professionalism.
"Just adjust some filming order," Chi Bin said, and asked his assistant to take his drama over and pick out several places and said to Shen Xinyu, "Your first scene today was when you met Wang Shi in Huaiyang in the secret room. Two people were dissatisfied with Wang Dao without saying a word. I guess you just felt that your eyes were not murderous enough."
Indeed, Shen Xinyu agreed to nod, Chi Bin looked at her face and smiled and said, "Why don’t you shoot some soft scenes first and wait for you to slowly control the character psychology before revealing the hidden qualities of those protagonists?"
The softer scene is the process of the hostess pretending to be a new recruit and getting along with the strategist.
Shen Xinyu nodded and then glanced at the director with some worries and said, "But will it be very troublesome for the director to agree?"
It’s not good to act, but the director will want to crush her, right?
"Don’t worry, I’ll say it." Chi Bin smiled and showed his white teeth, patted his body and got up and ran away.
Shen Xinyu looked over and saw Chi Bin’s long sleeves gather around Wang Dao and muttered a few words. Finally, Wang Dao was surprised and looked at Shen Xinyu.
Shen Xinyu put a straw and smiled. Wang Dao nodded to her and turned to Chi Bin to say a few words.
Things are going well. Shen Xinyu’s scene has been adjusted. I’m going to shoot some scenes where she pretends to be a cook and enters the palace.
At the foot of the mountain, Tang Shiyan was sitting on a big stone, still holding half a bottle of mineral water left by him. His eyes were dark and deep. He looked at several theaters set up in the distance. Assistant Li trotted over and wiped the sweat on his head. "Sir, they won’t let him in."
"Did you see anyone?" Tang Shiyan asked
Assistant Li shook his head. "There are several venues in the mountain for shooting different scenes. I didn’t see Miss Shen, but I confirmed that the starring role was indeed Miss Shen."
It would be nice to be sure that people are here.
Tang Shiyan nodded and got up with half a bottle of water. "Go back to the hotel and rest first. Wait for my words later."
"What about you?" Assistant Li doesn’t trust to ask
"I have my own way." Tang Shiyan gave a hand and lifted his foot.
Assistant Li looked at Mr. Tang’s tall figure and walked back step by step.
Should be all right?
Well, it should be all right, sir. He’s been recuperating for half a year, and the doctor said it’s all right.
Tang Shiyan didn’t look behind him again. Assistant Li wandered around the main entrance of the crew with half a bottle of water for a while and then went around in another direction. Here it is said to be a mountainous area, but that is to say, the shooting site is still flat, and there are strong steel bars around it except the main entrance, which is about two meters high.
Tang Shiyan put the cork in his pocket and tried it. He couldn’t help climbing or jumping. He might have been killed before he saw that girl.
With a sigh, he turned his eyes to the loose soft soil again.
Twenty minutes later, I was covered in dirt. When I shook my hat and patted it, I wouldn’t be old or rubbish. If someone left.
Of course, the handsome face on the hat is a little black
It’s also a coincidence that there are a lot of group stars who have just played before lunch, and the order box has just been sent to the aunt who has been cooking. Tang Shiyan took him as an actor’s assistant or a handyman and called him over. "Don’t wander around and help."
Tang Shiyan didn’t realize that the aunt called him for a while, and the aunt was impatient and waved, "Come and send these to shed No.2, and the food will be cold for a while."
Tang Shiyan pressed the brim of his hat, never thinking that he would be called a young man at the age of thirty.
Hmm. How interesting
"Are these the ones?" Tang Shiyan pointed to the pile of fast food boxes in a row.
Yo, this guy talks pretty well, huh?

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