"What? How is it possible? "

After hearing the word "devil may cry", the virtual shadow of the green ghosts and gods in Prumont instantly shook the balance between the two forces …
"But he is the devil may cry! And I’m not his main ghost. I’m his second ghost. "
Kaijia is also a wry smile.
"Impossible, even if he can sign multiple ghosts and gods, it can’t be that the devil may cry and the devil may cry has been wiped out by the apostles in that battle …"
"The other body has virtual source power!"
This sentence completely subdue that ability that Monta’s erosivity is also derived from virtual source.
He knew Kaijia wouldn’t joke about such a thing.
"The ghosting! What about the other ghost? Is it our old friend! "
"It seems that it’s not him, Lin Ze. It may be that ghosts and gods are associated with ghosts and gods themselves. Do you want to go into my master’s knowledge sea to have a look?"
"Not for a while!" General crime refused to way
"Really? We two ghosts and gods have condensed the throne. Oh, it seems that you haven’t condensed the throne yet, right? "
"What, you have gathered the throne?" How can ghosts and gods unite the throne so easily with an unbelievable face?
"In fact, I don’t know what is going on. It may be easier to be close to the throne condensed by the virtual source."
Kaijia was very relaxed …
"I …" Eroded ghosts and gods were enchanted, and Kaijia suddenly interrupted him when he was about to speak.
"I can’t stay outside any longer. My master’s spirit is running out. I have to go back first. Bye."
On the other side, Lin Ze was already pale. After Lin Tianqi’s World War I, he summoned the ghosting ghosts and gods for so long. He was really unable to stand it.
Kay Japp crime said hello to blink blue virtual shadow disappeared behind Lin Ze.
Lin Ze finally breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped responding to the spirits of ghosts and gods. He was able to understand what they were saying, but Lin Lang Lin Tianji was a blank stare.
Watching Kaijia disappear, Priemont’s blue eyes looked curiously at Lin Ze and wondered what was different about this young man!
(human language)
"Your name is Lin Ze, right? I remember you once. Let’s have a good talk. "
Linze nodded.
The charm of the crime is a smile, and the green ghost disappears behind Lin Lang Lin Tianqi, and the shadow is slowly divided with the disappearance of the crime.
"Shout …"
Lin Lang Lin Tianji took a deep breath. Although it was two people’s spirit, they still consumed a lot. Their face was slightly better than that of Lin Ze.
"Aze, you have surprised us so much by coming back this time!"
Lin Tianji kept nodding at a side, expressing his strong approval …
"But you seem to have another power besides the power of ghosts and gods?" Lin Lang Lin Tianqi stared at Lin Ze’s red left arm neatly, and the blood gas formed a chain that smelled of blood.
"This should also be the power brought by ghosts and gods!" Lin Ze himself actually didn’t know that his power source could give them a vague answer.
"Azeri, your strength looks like barbarian Berserker can attack the enemy with blood and gas." Lin Tianqi told his own speculation.
"I don’t know how much I’ve changed since I met ghosts!" Lin Ze’s eyes narrowed when he heard the word Berserker. Is there Berserker in this world?
"Well, ghosts and gods bring unusual power to people, and your future is doomed to be extraordinary. Maybe Uncle Lin and I can’t help you anything later, but Lin Keqing can help you a lot before you enter the shadow, and Lin Keqing’s mother is also a friend. He hopes to be your adoptive father. Will you?"
Lin Lang finally spoke this request.
Lin Ze leng a look at one side Lin Keqing look forward to a shadow king master to be his adoptive father? Think of Lin Keqing’s superb fencing figure in the field just now. Lin Ze admires Lin Tianji very much.
While watching Lin Ze don’t talk Lin Tianji wasn’t so happy!
"Small Azeri I am watching you grow up! Are you not qualified to be your adoptive father? "
Lin Ze is embarrassed.
"No, no, no, no," he hurriedly waved Lin Keqing, who was deeply trusted by his father and was a good friend of his mother.
Lin Ze has made a decision in his heart, looked up at Lin Tianqi firmly and said, "Adoptive father, I want to be stronger!"
Seeing that this little guy is so decisive is very in line with his character. Lin Tian Qi Xin is full of excitement.
"So small! Before I saw you throwing yourself into it, I hated the iron and couldn’t turn it into steel. I couldn’t wait to pull you over for exercise. Now you said you should be mentally prepared to become stronger! "
"Well …"
"Khakhalin lang! I’m an equal with you now. Your son is my son. I will never let you bully him again. "Lin Tianji is very excited and Lin Lang is a face of nai.
The Lins’ three people will be entangled with Lin Tianji in this life …
"Good Azeri! You go back to rest. You’ve worked hard these two years. "
"It’s my father, so I’ll go out first!"
Lin Lang nodded silently.
Walking to the door, Lin Ze suddenly turned his head. "Father will be your 50th birthday in a week. I’ll prepare a gift then. I hope you will like it."
"Well, I’m looking forward to it!"
"Tianqi, what do you think of Azeri’s change?" Lin Lang looked at one side and asked Lin Tianji.
Seeing Lin Lang’s cold face, Lin Tianqi’s face was instantly pulled. Although the two are ghosts and gods manipulators, this generation has been contradictory
But this time, Lin Tianji didn’t say anything sarcastically, but he simply said 1.
"Now that you have gained the power of ghosts and gods, is there any retreat?"
Lin Lang body a meal …
"Yes!" With a wry smile on his face, every heir to the power of ghosts and gods will be enemies all over the world in the future unless a generation looms in the world.
But is that possible for Lin Ze? He is destined to be the most brilliant star in Arad …
The fiftieth chapter Little maid green double
Lin Ze took a deep breath when he left the movie studio. He finally met other heirs of ghosts and gods. He is not alone in this world. What’s the secret of ghosts and gods? Lin Ze doesn’t know, but he will keep looking for it.
Walking along the familiar path to the depths of the forest house, it’s been a long time since I came back! I don’t know what my room has become, and I don’t know if my little girl who used to wait on me is doing well now. I don’t seem to see her leaving the Lins’ door.
Hehe, when did you become so sentimental yourself? Lin Zeli tossed his head and threw his mind out of the department of distractions. He finally arrived at the original residence of the body owner.

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