武汉桑拿网,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网,武汉夜生活论坛 品茶夜网 "You have a good rest. The tea table is just ready for fruit. I’ll come in a minute!" Lu Fengxing confessed that he was naughty and crowded his eyebrows, so he had a good temper and left with his son.

"You have a good rest. The tea table is just ready for fruit. I’ll come in a minute!" Lu Fengxing confessed that he was naughty and crowded his eyebrows, so he had a good temper and left with his son.

Lying in the imperial concubine’s chair, Shu is in a cool mood, smelling the sweet cantaloupe, watching the blue waves rippling outside the window and feeling the freshness brought by the gentle sea breeze. This is a happy life.
Miao Shu stretched out his limbs, and one side of his face was right. He had a black screen and took notes.
That’s just the effect of lightning in a sunny day, isn’t it? The face on the screen shows that the whole person is as stiff as being hit
Is that weird yin and yang face on the screen yourself? How did your face become like this? Miao suddenly got up from the sofa and ran directly to the health, staring blankly for a moment at the mirror covered by the bath towel or biting his lip and tearing off the bath towel.
I heard my heart breaking sound!
It turns out that this ghost-like yin and yang face is herself. Did she just go to sex with a man with such a face?
It’s really easy to make people feel scared to touch their left face with trembling. No wonder Ji Yun reacted like that that day. It’s hard for these people who deal with her every day.
Miao has always been a birthmark, but I didn’t expect that the whole half of my face had mutated, and all my pride was shattered at that moment!
The most terrible thing in life is not to live in hell, but to run happily in heaven one second and fall into hell the next. This huge contrast is the biggest blow, and it is difficult for people to digest and accept suffering.
"Dad made your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs today!" There is a popular sound outside the door.
"Sweet ribs!" Lu xiaoyang is also happy.
"I’ll be fine in a while!" It moved quickly. Okay, the sanitary door slowly slid to the ground against the door, and tears flowed for reasons I can’t tell.
"Then I’ll take Yangyang to play for a while and I’ll come when I have dinner. Have some snacks first and I’ll bring them for you!" Lu Fengxing confessed at the door kou.
"hmm!" I try to make my pronunciation steady.
Luo Luo—
Listening, laughing happily, getting away from Miao until the father and son are separated.
Following indulgence wry smile "god, why do you want to do this to me? Are you trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be so happy? Or am I being punished for betraying my original intention? Give me a reason! Give me a reason to be sincere!
I’ve never played chop and change in the face of feelings, and I’ve never reserved anything. I’ve come to love this man. Why do this to us? Why do you want to torment us again and again! "
The bitter smile finally turned into a sob in the room. I don’t understand why she has been so desperate to love and persist. Even if God has a heart of stone, it should be softened. Why should she torture them like this?
Not God!
It’s the princess!
Or did she leave a spell!
Miao suddenly realized what wiped her tears and got up from the ground. "It’s you, right? Is it because you don’t want me to get my happiness back like this that you want to hurt me like this? " Miao nu stared at his left face, and there was a stubbornness in his brilliant red eyes.
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you succeed!"
"I won’t let you see my family ruined. I will definitely let my family live in real happiness!"
It’s stinging-
The bath towel was covered on the mirror again, and she took off her clothes and went straight into the shower column. She needed to wash away her face, tears and sadness. She wanted to give herself a chance to be reborn, and she couldn’t be defeated like this!
When I dragged my tired body and spirit out of health, I was right. The man was full of eyes.
"What’s the matter with you?" Directly put the woman in her arms, and she became popular and precipitated.
"I’m so tired!" Without telling the man about the mirror, she really didn’t have the courage to face it, stroking the man’s beautiful cheeks and smiling hard. "Do you think I should wear a mask, too?"
"Of course not!" Lu Fengxing’s eyes are clearly determined, "Do you think we can’t face you?"
"Husband!" I put myself in a man’s arms tightly, and there seems to be a place where I can warm her up.
"Don’t be paranoid. You are me and the children’s department. We can’t live without your parents, too, you know?" Lu Fengxing held the woman in his arms tightly. He knew that a woman must have seen her face.
I just came back to see her consciousness, and I saw the black brain screen and the popular heart suddenly tightened. Looking at a woman who is so frosty and proofing, everything will be all right when she comes out of health.
"So I can really smile around you and the baby?" I don’t want you and the children to be around me like a joke. The children will go to kindergarten and primary school when they are young, so I will bring them ridicule and nightmares, won’t I?
"Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, okay?" Lu Fengxing gently wiped the tears from women’s eyes. "It’s still a long time. We don’t know what will happen later, do we?" Even if nothing surprises us, I can still choose the whole way when you plan to wean Meimei, can’t I? "
"the whole?" I really didn’t think about it in that way, but I have been thinking about it in various ways for a long time.
"Yes!" Feng-xing lu held Tai tasikmalaya in her arms as soon as she raised my hand. "Did you forget Yin Fan’s large-scale whole effect? And that Wang Ni, you didn’t recognize her after she became Miao Xiaoai! "
"But my face still seems to have something to do with the spell in the ancient tomb. Can it be solved by these things in the scientific world?" I have no bottom in my heart
"Be patient, we will figure out these problems!" Lu Fengxing reached the woman’s forehead with mellow and powerful voice. "There is hope for us. I won’t allow you to be a deserter!"
"I will stay with you and the child unless you don’t need it!" Miao tightly hugged the man’s neck and went into the man’s neck.
"There is no such thing unless there will never be such a thing unless!" Lu Fengxing’s lips are touching a woman’s neck. He wants a woman to feel his need and attachment.
"hmm!" Li nodded. She was willing to believe that the man in front of her was willing to believe his generation.
"Popular or don’t let Yao Jia and Xia Shuang come here. I don’t want them to see me like this!"
"Trust your friends and believe that they care more about you than your face. Friends and relatives will never change!" Lu Fengxing encouraged lightly.
"I am worried that I will scare Xiao Gaoyang!" I spoke out my worries.
"Gao Qing and I have already explained that we will not bring children when we come, even if he and Xia Shuang have another honeymoon!" Feng-xing lu holding the following out of the bedroom "can go to dinner now? You love to eat! "
"hmm!" The face finally has a smile. The man is so careful to coax and hurt her. It’s only necessary to cherish the blessing.
Wu and Yuan Qing held a big table in the restaurant, and it was gratifying to see Lu Fengxing personally holding his daughter.
"Husband, go and hold the baby. It’s estimated that it’s time for breastfeeding!" Sitting in the dining chair, I still have some children to worry about.
"hmm!" Lu Fengxing nodded and ran away from the building. It was really an urgent March.
"Let’s live a good and popular life. He really loves you!" Yuan Qing held her daughter’s hand, hoping that even if one day she knew what she was like, she would be moved to make a woman proud.
"Mom, I will!" Miao knows her mother’s concern for herself, patting the back of Yuan Qing’s hand to comfort her.
"It’s really a full moon today, so you can take the children out for a walk and bask in the sun and blow the wind to be healthy!" Wu handed the juice to Jiao’s face, which is still kind and fatherly.
"It’s fine for me to read that rose garden and tidy up with your dad!" Yuan Qing hopes that her daughter can live a full life every day so that she won’t think about it sometimes.
"I think so!" Miao likes to spend time with her parents. When I was a child, I often spent time with my family.
"Hey, hey, it’s still you and me. When I went, I found Nini awake!" Lu Fengxing came from the building with her child in her arms, and the pace was also steady.
"It’s time to feed!" Miao rushed to the land and spread his arms.
"You eat something first and then I’ll play with her for a while!" Lu Fengxing still doesn’t want little women to go hungry.
"It’s not a bad thing for children to be hungry once in a while!" Yuan Qing gave Miao a dish.

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